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Mustang Boys Basketball Update

Jeff Roosdett jumps for the Mustangs at the tip off with Red Lake.1 / 2
Evan Nelson attempts a reverse lay up against the Drakes.2 / 2

Games 11, 12 and 13 are now in the books. The boy's Mustang basketball team won a game and lost two during these games. The boys played Blackduck and Clearbrook on the road and played Nevis at home. It is around the halfway point in the season and the team is now 6-7 for the record. Although this record was not ideal at the beginning of the season, the team is just starting to click more. The offense is running more smoothly and the defense has picked up.

The first of these three games was against Blackduck. It was a double header with both boys and girls teams and both varsity and jv teams. The Mustangs started off hot in the first half. Eventually they had some downs in the first half but finished the half ahead 28-24. The momentum carried into the second half.

Blackduck had their moments and got ahead at times. The Mustangs got a lead and increased it to eight points and the offense was rolling and the defense was spectacular. Then Blackduck called a time out and switched their defense to a 2-3.

When teams run a 2-3 against us, it is almost always our Achillies heel. Our offense could not function. Blackduck started making shots and we couldn't run an offense.

Blackduck was ahead eight points with two seconds left when Tristan Williams banked a half-court shot through the hoop. This made us only lose by five points. This was the only three point shot the Mustangs made out of 15 for the game. The final score of this game was 63-58, Blackduck prevailed.

Joey Schuh led the team with 14 points followed by Jeff Roosdett with 11 and Gregory Davison and Evan Nelson with ten points. Jacob Gunderson led rebounding with six, Jeff Roosdett had five and Evan Nelson had 4. Roosdett had five blocks, Nelson had three assists and Gunderson had four steals.

The next game, the Mustangs were at home against Nevis. There isn't much to talk about for this game. We came out flat and never got anything to work. It was as if we forgot what the sport was about.

Only scoring 16 points in the first half this was by far the lowest amount of points we had in one half all year. Just for that amount to be broken in the second half only scoring 11 points. Nevis won this game 55-27. With the Mustangs scoring 27, this is the lowest scoring game since 2000 when the Mustangs lost to Menagha. The final score was 38-22.

Gunderson had eight points, four rebounds and two blocks and Roosdett had 12 points eight rebounds with four blocks.

Next the boys went to Clearbrook to face the Clearbrook-Gonvick Bears.

The Mustang and the Bears played a close game all throughout the game. Neither team got a comfortable lead throughout the entire game. Near the end of the game, the Mustangs led by three points. The team would have had a comfortable lead closing the game if it wasn't for the lack of effeciency from the free throw line.

There were many opportunities to put the Bears away, but missed free throws kept them in the game. The Bears inbounded the ball with two seconds to go and put up a contested three point shot that bounced on the rim and eventually bounced off to the ground ending the game. Mustangs won, 59-56.

Roosdett had 13 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks. Gunderson had 14 points, six rebounds and four steals, Joey Schuh had 11 points, three rebounds and two steals, Gregory Davison had 10 points with three steals and Nelson had six points, six rebounds and an assist.

The Mustangs play East Grand Forks, Pine River-Backus, Lake of the Woods, Red Lake and Red Lake County Central.