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Bemidji Speedway crowns point champions

Seven season points champions were crowned Sunday night at Bemidji Speedway.

The champions included Leahna Barrett in the Mini Stocks, Don Kolkin in the Hornets, Bill Chaboyea in the Pures, Scotty Messner in the Streets, Conrad Schwin in the Mod Fours, Ricky Jacobson in the Midwest Modifieds, and Dalton Carlson in the Super Stocks.

Track officials also announced that an extra night of racing will be held Sept. 26 beginning at 4 p.m. The racing season will end with the annual Paul Bunyan Stampede at 4 p.m. Oct. 2 and 2 p.m. Oct. 3. The annual awards night will be Nov. 20 at the Bemidji Eagles Club.

Contact between Tim LaVoi and Billy Smith on the last lap sent LaVoi careening down by the flag stand. Smith was black flagged for the incident and LaVoi was awarded the win. Leahna Barrett, Andy Swartz, Becky Barrett and Billy Foster completed the top five.

Joel Harvey and Corey Peterson battled side-by-side lap after lap but Harvey eventually claimed the feature. Peterson, Bill Beaulieu, Bill Chaboyea and Chad Puschinsky completed the top five.

Josh Seely-Sautbine made it a clean sweep in the Hornet class winning both the heat and feature. Don Kolkin was second with Joe Doti, John Aderman and Andy Hanson trailing.

Scott Messner captured the feature while Josh Beaulieu was second and Dustin Puffe third. Only three cars entered the race.

Charging into the last lap it appeared that Tommy McGough was headed for a win but a spin forced a restart and that was all Conrad Schwin needed.

Racing inside Schwin took the lead and the feature victory. Trailing the winner were McGough, Brandon Kellen, Fran Hauber and Scott Dyrdahl.

Rick Jacobson took the lead late in the race, widened the gap the rest of the way and captured the victory. Doug Van Mill, Matt Schow, Ken Perry and Gary Nelson completed the top five.

Dale Lindell grabbed control early and, despite several spins and restarts, maintained the lead the entire way.

Dalton Carlson, Gary Nelson Jr., Scotty Messner and Keith Keena trailed.

Mini Stocks

Feature - Tim LaVoi, Leahna Barrett, Andy Swartz, Becky Barrett, Billy Foster, Brad Dudley, John Aderman, Billy Smith

Heat 1 - T. LaVoi, A.Swartz, L. Barrett, J. Aderman, B. Smith

Pure Stocks

Feature - Joel Harvey, Corey Peterson, Bill Beaulieu, Bill Chaboyea, Chad Puschinsky, Patrick Jerry, Wade Schmidt, Mike Johnson

Heat 1 - B. Beaulieu, C. Peterson, J. Harvey, W. Schmidt, C. Puschinsky


Feature - Josh Seely-Sautbine, Don Kolkin, Joe Doti, John Aderman, Andy Hanson, Jason Bush

Heat 1 - J. Seely-Sautbine, D. Kolkin, J. Aderman, J. Bush, J. Doti

Wissota Streets

Feature - Scotty Messner, Josh Beaulieu, Dustin Puffe

Heat 1 - S. Messner, D. Puffe, J. Beaulieu

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Conrad Schwin, Tommy McGough, Brandon Kellen, Fran Hauber, Scott Dyrdahl, Darrin Lawler, Corry VanMil, Mike Margl

Heat 1 - T. McGough, M. Margl, C. VanMil, F. Hauber, D. Lawler

Heat 2 - B. Kellen, C. Schwin, K. Bahr, S. Dyrdahl, T. Stranger

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Rick Jacobson, Doug VanMill, Matt Schow, Ken Perry, Gary James Nelson, Matt Sparby, Chris Dudley, Lon Vettleson, John Shulke, Skyler Smith.

Heat 1 - R. Jacobson, D. VanMill, M. Schow, C. Dudley, K. Perry

Heat 2 - M. Sparby, G. James Nelson, L. Vettleson, S. Smith. J. Shulke

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature - Dale Lindell, Dalton Carlson, Gary Nelson Jr, Scotty Messner, Keith Keena, Brandon Bahr.

eat 1 - D. Carlson, G. Nelson Jr, S. Messner, D. Lindell, B. Bahr