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One first-time winner emerges

Wissota Super Stocks feature winner Shane Hawkinson (No. 45) battles Dalton Carlson for the lead in turn two Sunday night at Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

Five of six feature Bemidji Speedway winners on Sunday night had been in Victory Circle at least once earlier this summer, but one made his first trip to the place of honor to pick up his hardware.

In what was supposed to be Hall of Fame night at the track, a fine field of cars raced between raindrops and cool temperatures to ensure the card could be finished in time.

Due to the rain, Bemidji Speedway's Hall of Fame inductions will be announced next Sunday. It also will be Senior Citizen night, with all seniors getting in to the races for $5.

Two weeks remain of this year's regular-season points races, with many positions still up for grabs. The annual Paul Bunyan Stampede is scheduled for Oct. 2-3.

Mini Stocks

Tim Lavoi held off points leader Leahna Barrett to take the checkered flag. Billy Smith was third, followed by Neil Fleming and Andy Swartz.

Pure Stocks

Current point leader Bill Chaboyea held the pole position, with Lynn Johnson driving for his son, Mike, to Chaboyea's right. Chaboyea took the lead and held it for his seventh win of the year. Johnson was second, followed by Wade Schmidt, Corey Peterson and Joel Harvey.


The front wheel drive Hornets were next on track with Josh Seely-Sautbine cruising to the lead and never looking back in picking up his third feature win of the summer. Joe Doti gave him a battle early and finished second, with Don Kolkin, Andy Hanson and John Aderman trailing.

Mod Fours

Fourth-row starter Tommy McGough held his line and picked up his second clean sweep of the summer at Bemidji. Corry VanMil, Conrad Schwin, Mike Margl and Fran Hauber rounded out the top five in a very entertaining race.

Midwest Modifieds

Skyler Smith picked up the victory in a 17-car race, followed by Bret Schmidt, Gary James Nelson, Rick Jacobson and Justin Jones.

Super Stocks

Holding on through two restarts, Shane Hawkinson took the checkered flag in front of challengers Dale Lindell and Jay Kintner. Gary Nelson Jr. finished fourth and Dalton Carlson fifth.

Mini Stocks

Feature - Tim LaVoi, Leahna Barrett, Billy Smith, Neil Fleming, Andy Swartz, Becky Barrett, John Aderman

Heat 1 - B. Barrett, L. Barrett, A.Swartz, N. Fleming, T. LaVoi

Pure Stocks

Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Lynn Johnson, Wade Schmidt, Corey Peterson, Joel Harvey, Bill Beaulieu, Rick Nelson, Chad Puschinsky

Heat 1 - C. Puschinsky, B. Chaboyea, J. Harvey, C. Peterson, B. Beaulieu


Feature - Josh Seely-Sautbine, Joe Doti, Don Kolkin, Andy Hanson, John Aderman

Heat 1 - J. Doti, J. Seely-Sautbine, D. Kolkin, J. Aderman, A. Hanson

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Tommy McGough, Corry VanMil, Conrad Schwin, Mike Margl, Fran Hauber, Darrin Lawler, Chad Fundt, Scott Dyrdahl, Brandon Bahr, Brady LaVoi

Heat 1 - T. McGough, C. Schwin, M. Margl, B. Bahr, D. Lawler

Heat 2 - C. VanMil, D. Bucholt, S. Dyrdahl, F. Hauber, C. Fundt

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Skyler Smith, Bret Schmidt, Gary James Nelson, Rick Jacobson, Justin Jones, Doug VanMill, Mike Bader, Chris Dudley, John Shulke

Heat 1 - R. Jacobson, J. Jones, C. Dudley, J. Shulke, J. Davis

Heat 2 - G. James Nelson, K. Perry, N. Davis, M. Bader, D. Platow

Heat 3 - S. Smith, B. Schmidt, A. Johnson, D. VanMill, T. Carlson

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature - Shane Hawkinson, Dale Lindell, Jay Kintner, Gary Nelson Jr, Dalton Carlson, Aaron Leininger, Gordie Lancaster, Scotty Messner, Keith Keena, Matt Sparby

Heat 1 - G. Lancaster, S. Messner, G. Nelson Jr, J. Davis, A. Leininger,

Heat 2 - D. Lindell, J. Kintner, D. Carlson, S. Hawkinson, M. Sparby