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Bemidji Speedway: Potter, VanMil, Ebert and Kittner advance to big race

Andy Davey (No. 91) has a slight edge over Derek Pollock (No. 2) and Matt Sparby (No. 81) during the Super Stocks feature race Sunday night at Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

Beautiful weather, good track conditions, an excellent field of cars and racing for a ticket to the Race of Champions in September put excitement in the air at Bemidji Speedway Sunday night. Four drivers in the Wissota classes punched their tickets to the Race of Champions held in South Dakota later in September. Joe Potter in the streets, Corry VanMil in the Mod Fours, Dan Ebert in the Midwest Modifieds and Jay Kintner in the Super Stocks all advanced to the big race. Next Sunday the track will host Special Olympics Appreciation Night with racing starting at 5 p.m.

Pure Stocks

Bill Chaboyea started the Pure Stock feature on the outside pole position, powered into the lead ahead of Cory Peterson and never looked back. Peterson, Wade, Joel Harvey and Don Scholler finished in the top five.

Mini Stocks

Andy Swartz started on the pole and maintained the lead with Tim LaVoi, Sherman Rogalski, Leahna Barrett and Billy Foster completing the top five.

Street Stocks

Joe Potter started at the pole and hung on for the victory. Scotty Messner, Dustin Puffe, Derek Olson and Josh Beaulieu completed the top five.


Josh Seely-Sautbine took the lead and stayed out front to win the race with Mike Reynolds charging up into second, followed by Don Kolkin, Joe Doti and John Aderman.

Mod Four

Corry VanMil took the lead into turn one with and went on to win the race by nearly a half-lap over Brandon Kellen, Fran Hauber, Tommy McGough and Conrad Schwin.

Midwest Modified

The race belonged to Dan Ebert who was able to speed away from Rick Jacobson at the end to qualify for the ROC. Jacobson, Bret Schmidt, Adam Johnson and Chris Dudley made up the top five.

Super Stocks

Jay Kintner picked up the win and the right to race in the the ROC in September. Andy Davey, Dalton Carlson, Gordie Lancaster and Derek Pollock trailed.

Pure Stocks

Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Corey Peterson, Wade Schmidt, Joel Harvey, Don Scholler, Sadie Niemela, Mike Johnson

Heat 1 - B. Chaboyea, J. Harvey, C. Peterson, W. Schmidt, S. Niemela

Mini Stocks

Feature - Andy Swartz, Tim LaVoi, Sherman Rogalaski Jr, Leahna Barrett, Billy Foster, Becky Barrett

Heat 1 -T. LaVoi, A. Swartz, S. Rogalski, L. Barrett, B. Foster

Wissota Streets

Feature - Joe Potter, Scotty Messner, Dustin Puffe, Derek Olson, Josh Beaulieu

Heat 1 - S. Messner, J. Potter, D. Puffe, D. Olson, J. Beaulieu


Feature - Josh Seely-Sautbine, Mike Reynolds, Joe Doti, John Aderman, Cody Buchanan

Heat 1 - M. Reynolds, J. Seely-Sautbine, J. Doti, C. Buchanan, D. Kolkin

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Corry VanMil, Brandon Kellen, Fran Hauber, Tommy McGough, Conrad Schwin, Kevin Bahr, Darrin Lawler, Mike Margl, James Mauer, Brady LaVoi

Heat 1 - C. Schwin, D. Lawler, K. Bahr, B. Kellen, M. Margl

Heat 2 - T. McGough, C. VanMil, F. Hauber, B. LaVoi, B. Bahr

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Dan Ebert, Rick Jacobson, Bret Schmidt, Adam Johnson, Chris Dudley, Doug VanMill, Davey Mills, Skyler Smith, Don Mullen, Ron Read

Heat 1 - D. Mills, R. Jacobson, B. Schmidt, G. James Nelson, T. Carlson

Heat 2 - D. Ebert, D. VanMill, A. Johnson, C. Dudley, S. Smith

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature - Jay Kintner, Andy Davey, Dalton Carlson, Gordie Lancaster, Derek Pollock, Gary Nelson Jr, Dale Lindell, Matt Sparby, Keith Keena

Heat 1 - A. Davey, M. Sparby, D. Pollock, G. Lancaster, K. Keena

Heat 2 - J. Kintner, G. Nelson Jr, D. Carlson, T. Kintner, D. Lindell