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Conditions just right for racing

One driver barely made the feature race and came from behind to win. Another took the lead and never looked back to claim his feature in a great night of racing at the Bemidji Speedway.

Seven classes of cars were on hand to thrill race fans with the added Wissota Street class Sunday night. Track conditions were smooth and a mostly dust-free surface created good racing.

The first of 10 races, the Wissota Street Stocks, saw John Halvorson grab the early lead. Eventually, however, Scott Messner overtook Halvorson and he never looked back, winning his first feature of the summer.

Halvorson finished second while Dustin Puffe, Don Bowman and Jim Gerringer completed the top-five.

The Mini Stock feature was won by Billy Smith as he used his outside front row start to power into the lead and take a flag-to-flag victory.

Leahna Barrett finished second, Neil Fleming third, Tim Barrett fourth and Billy Foster fifth.

In the Hornet feature, Mike Reynolds took the early lead but Don Kolkin caught him and earned the victory. Reynolds finished second while Joe Doti, Jason Bush and John Aderman completed the top five.

The Pure Stock feature belonged to Bill Chaboyea as he claimed his first win of the year. Wade Schmidt, Corbin Finley, Chad Puschinsky and Corey Peterson trailed.

Corry VanMill won the Mod Four feature with room to spare. Conrad Schwinn, Kevin Bahr, Darrin Lawler and Tommy Sabraski rounded out the top-five.

The Wissota Midwest Modified feature was the wildest race of the night as it included two cautions and restarts and Dan Ebert coming back from an early crash to claim the race, his second consecutive win at Bemidji.

Tim Carlson, Ricky Jacobson, Adam Johnson and VanMill made up the top-five.

The Super Stock feature also included a caution flag and Andy Davey took the lead after the restart. Davey cruised to his second straight win with Matt Sparby, Dale Lindell, Gordie Lancaster and Jerry Davis trailing.

Wissota Streets

Feature - Scott Messner, John Halvorson, Dustin Puffe, Don Bowman, Jim Gerringer, Geoff Akason

Heat 1 - J. Halvorson, S. Messner, J. Gerringer, D. Puffe, D. Bowman

Mini Stocks

Feature - Billy Smith, Leahna Barrett, Neil Fleming, Tim Barrett, Billy Foster, Becky Barrett

Heat 1 - T. Barrett, B. Foster, L. Barrett, N. Fleming, B. Barrett


Feature - Don Kolkin, Mike Reynolds, Joe Doti, Jason Bush, John Aderman, Cody Buchanan, Andy Hanson

Heat 1 - D. Kolkin, M. Reynolds, J. Bush, J. Aderman, J. Thayer

Pure Stocks

Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Wade Schmidt, Corbin Finley, Chad Puschinsky, Corey Peterson, Joel Harvey, Sadie Niemela, Mike Johnson, Mark Glynn, Don Scholler

Heat 1 - B. Chaboyea, W. Schmidt, C. Finley, J. Harvey, M. Glynn,

Heat 2 - C. Puschinsky, D. Scholler, D. Peterson, S. Niemela, M. Johnson

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Corry VanMill, Conrad Schwinn, Kevin Bahr, Darrin Lawler, Tommy Sabraski, Brandon Bahr, Fran Hauber, Mike Margl, Brandon Kellen, Tommy McGough

Heat 1 - D. Lawler, F. Hauber, B. Kellen, M. Margl, T. McGough

Heat 2 - C. VanMill, C. Schwinn, T. Sabraski, B. Bahr, K. Bahr

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Dan Ebert, Tim Carlson, Rick Jacobson, Adam Johnson, Doug VanMill, Nichole Davis, Ryan Schow, Skyler Smith, Reise Stenberg, Matt Schow

Heat 1 - D. Ebert, D. Mills, T. Carlson, J. Halvorson, S. Smith

Heat 2 - R. Jacobson, N. Davis, J. Davis, R. Schow, D. VanMill

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature - Andy Davey, Matt Sparby, Dale Lindell, Gordie Lancaster,Jerry Davis, Dalton Carlson

Heat 1 - A. Davey, M. Sparby, G. Lancaster, D. Lindell, D. Carlson