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Bemidji High student Davis races car focused on books, reading

Nichole Davis poses for a photo with her No. 16 Bookmobile Wissota Midwest Modified racing car

By Dennis Peterson

Special to the Pioneer

Sixteen-year-old Bemidji High School student Nichole Davis gets straight A's in the classroom. She also is making good grades on the race track at Bemidji Speedway.

"The adrenaline rush plus the challenge of mastering race technique is more complex than most spectators realize," Davis said. "Being a girl driver gives me one more thing to prove."

Davis begins her second season at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday. Gates open at 3 p.m. and racing begins at 5.

She will be driving a Chevy in the Wissota Midwest Modified class. Last year she raced a pure stock in her first year of racing and was selected as the rookie of the year in that class.

Nichole grew up in a racing family. Her father, Jerry, races in the Wissota Super Stock class. Brother Jason also races a Midwest Modified. Her mother, Cheryl, is the family crew chief.

"It's a family sport, all things racing, including ATVs," says Nichole.

Her race car, the No. 16 "Bookmobile" is the only stock car anywhere focused on books and reading. She is sponsored by, FS6 Publishers and Dondelinger GM of Bemidji.

Team Weaver does school visits across the Midwest in support of students, teachers and librarians, and the positive value of staying in school. Along with the support of Team Weaver, Bill Smith is the crew chief for the team, keeping the car running and competitive at the various tracks they will race at in 2010 including Bemidji Speedway, Grand Rapids Speedway, and River City Speedway in Grand Forks N.D.