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Bemidji youth hockey report for March 4

The Bemidji Squirts B-Blue went 4-6 in its past 10 games, reaching 15-10-1 on the year. It begins post season play Saturday and Sunday at the Squirts B District meet at Red Lake Falls.

At its own invitational, Bemidji went 1-3, beating Brainerd between losses to the Dakota Lakers, Grafton and Grand Forks Supras.

The Lakers outshot Bemidji 46-6 in a 10-0 victory. Carson Olson was in the net making 36 saves,

Bemidji then beat Brainerd 3-1 with Calvin Sheffield, Alex Swanson and Josh Baker scoring and Leo Spry, Baker, Thor Solien and Swanson getting assists. Olson had 14 stops. Brainerd had 16.

Grafton defeated Bemidji 5-3 with Solien scoring twice and Tayler Seibold once. Baker had two feeds and Brett Carlson one. Olson made 26 stops.

Grand Forks won the final game 5-3 with Spry scoring twice and Alex Skillen once. Taren Meshke and Baker had assists. Olson made 31 saves.

On Feb. 21, Bemidji defeated the Roseau Blue 4-1 with Solien scoring twice and Baker and Seibold once. Baker had two feeds and Skillen and Swanson one. Olson made 19 stops. Roseau had 20.

At the Fargo Flyers tournament last weekend, Bemidji beat Sioux Falls 3-1 in its opener getting two goals from Baker and one from Seibold. Solien and Carlson had assists. Olson made 17 stops. Sioux Falls had 19.

Chaska handed Bemidji a 7-1 setback in its next game with Baker getting the only goal. Olson kicked back 53 shots. Chaska had only 10 stops.

Boulder. Colo. handed Bemidji a 4-2 setback with Solien scoring both goals and Baker getting the lone assist.

Olson had 33 saves. Boulder had 18.

Grand Forks blanked Bemidji 8-0 in its fourth start before Bemidji closed with a 3-0 win over East Grand Forks. Meshke, Solien and Baker scored with Spry, Baker, Solien and Adam Hanson getting assists. Olson had 19 stops. East Side had 13.



Squirts B-Blue 0 0 0--- 0

Dakota Lakers 3 5 2---10

Squirts B-Blue 2 0 1---3

Brainerd 1 0 0---1

Squirts B-Blue 2 0 1---3

Grafton 1 2 2---5

Squirts B-Blue 0 1 2---3

Grand Forks Supras 3 0 2---5

Feb. 21

Squirts B-Blue 1 1 2---4

Roseau Blue 0 0 1---1



Squirts B-Blue 0 1 2---3

Sioux Falls 0 0 1---1