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Bemidji Figure Skating report for March 2

Members of the Bemidji Figure Skating Club recently competed at the Red River Valley International Classic.

Five skaters participated in testing and competition events during the four-day event at the Moorhead Sports Center.

Shannon McBride was second in limited beginner compulsory, fourth in preliminary move in the field and sixth in pre-preliminary freeskate

Alyson Kuznia won the open pre-juvenile compulsory and open pre-juvenile freeskate and was fourth in the open pre-juvenile artistic.

Emily Quamme passed her Willow Waltz and Hickory Hoedown Bronze dance tests and placed first in the pre-preliminary freeskate.

Nicole Pierce passed second in limited pre-preliminary freeskate

Alyssa Myers passed her Cha Cha and Swing pre-bronze dance tests and was fourth in the pre-bronze dance, pre-preliminary freeskate and pre-preliminary compulsory.