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Frederick repeats as speedskating champion

Daniel Frederick of Roseville, Minn., was the winner of Saturday's 25km race at the 2010 National Long Track Speedskating Marathon held on Lake Bemidji. Speedskaters from Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and even Canada and Holland competed. Pioneer Photo/Anne Williams

Danny Frederick, 38, of Roseville, Minn., the winner of the 25km National Long Track Speedskating Marathon Saturday on Lake Bemidji, repeated his win from last year on the Bemidji oval. Frederick won the race in 45:42.91, improving on his 2009 time of 47:30.32.

Erik Wardenaar, a 49-year-old Dutch native who lives in the Twin Cities, took second place in 48.26.85, after placing fifth overall last year.

He was followed by Nate Feinberg in 48:27.05.

Citizen races were held after the marathon.

The 50km marathon will be held today, beginning at 9 a.m.

This is the third year Bemidji has hosted the national speedskating event.


1. Danny Frederick, 45:42.91; 2. Erik Wardenaar, 48:26.85; 3. Nate Feinberg, 48:27.05; 4. Ken Huss, 51;41.39; 5. Edward Burns, 51:41.56; 6. Kathie Zapatocki, 51:42.17; 7. David Lawler, 51:42.21; 8. Kathy Feinberg, 54:08.95; 9. Jim Daniska, 61:39.24; 10. Anika Rannikko, 61:47.46; 11. Dan Mettner, 61:47.60; 12. Howard Morris, 71:02.25; 13. Dorothy Bialke, 74:17.10; 14. Deb Gerst, 76:49.00; 15. Joel Johannsen, 79:41.57; Norm Johannsen, 79:55.05; Ann Wignet, 82:50.94; 18. Lisa Sjogren, 83:17.29.