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BHS boys swimming: Jacks, Duluth East swim to rare draw

Nick Nyberg led the field in the 500 freestyle Tuesday night as Bemidji and Duluth East battled to a 93-93 stalemate at the Aquatics Center. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

The Bemidji Lumberjacks swimmers ended in a rare tie Tuesday night against visiting Duluth East.

Each team ended with 93 points.

"On paper, I had us down by five points coming into the meet," said Coach Woody Leindecker, "so I am happy with the results. You can sit and look for days on how to do something different with the lineup. But we have bigger things ahead. The section team is set and we are moving on."

Bemidji stacked the medley and won to take an 8-6 lead with Paul Voss, Matt Wilcox, Adam Falk and Dylan Hoven in the water.,

Nick Nyberg claimed the 200 free with Falk third to add another tow points to the margin.

Wilcox then took the IM but East took the event 9-7 to trail by two.

Hoven won the 50 with Bemidji going 1-4-5 to reclaim the two lost points and lead by four.

But East went 1-2 in diving to tie the score.

Wilcox became a double winner by taking the fly with Voss third in an 8-8 standoff.

Hoven joined Wilcox as a double winner, taking the 100 free with Nick Gubbels and Jared Becker 4-5 for a 9-7 event, sending Bemidji back into the lead.

Nyberg became the third double winner in the 500 with Falk and Pat Voss second and third to add 10 points to the Jacks lead.

They added two more when Paul Voss, Falk, Nyberg and Hoven won the 200 free relay.

But East got back in contention with a 1-2-3 finish in the backstroke an a 1-2-4 in the breaststroke.

Bemidji entered the final relay needing a 1-3 to win and got the first place from Paul Voss, Gubbels, Nyberg and Wilcox.

But the Greyhounds claimed second and third to knot the score, their second unit holding a wide edge over Bemidji's B Team .

Bemidji now begins its taper for the section Feb. 26-27.