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Bemidji HS boys swim team wins fifth straight dual match

Moises Prince swam the butterfly leg on the medley relay in Bemidji's 105-76 win over Park Rapids Thursday. Bemidji swam most of its regulars out of their normal events in posting its fifth straight dual win. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

The Bemidji High swim team had few problems Thursday night, rolling past Park Rapids 105-76 at the Aquatics Center.

It was the fifth straight dual meet victory in as many starts for the Jacks.

Coach Woody Leindecker used the meet to swim most of his top swimmers out of their normal events and give reserves a chance to fill in.

"We are peaking in training volume and swimming well tired," he said.

PR took the medley to assume a brief 8-6 lead.

But Dylan Hoven led a 1-3-5 sweep in the 200 free.

The Panthers took back the lead when Sam Goebel won the IM over Pat Voss only to have Paul Voss, Adam Falk and Nick Nyberg go 1-2-4 in the 50 to send Bemidji back in front.

Dylan Tillemans led a 1-2-3 finish off the one meter board and the Jacks were off to the races.

Hoven became a double winner in the fly, Matt Wilcox claimed the 100 free and Falk won the 500 as the lead lengthened.

PR sliced the margin by two by winning the 200 free relay with the Jacks 2-3.

But Wilcox joined Hoven as a double winner, winning the backstroke and Matt Arndt and Seth Olson went 2-3 in the breaststroke won by Ryan McBrady of PR.

Bemidji then won the final 400 relay by 19 seconds with Hoven, Tyler Hemp, Pat Voss and Wilcox the winners.



200 medley relay (1:55.88) 1. PR (Smythe-McBrady-Storseth-Goebel); 2. Bem (Paul Voss-Wilcox-Prince-Hoven); 3. Bem (Nyberg[-Olson-Falk-Gubbels)

200 f.s. (2:04.95) 1. Hoven, Bem; 2. /Merfeld, PR'; 3. Gubbels, Bem; 4. Johnson, PR; 5.Wright, Bem.

200 IM (2:33.11) 1. Goebel, PR; 2/ . Pat Voss, Bem; 3. Arndt, Bem; 4. Waggoner, PR; 5. Stinar, PR

50 f.s. (23.92) 1. Pat Voss; Bem; 2.Falk, ., Bem; 3.Storseth, PR; Nyberg, Bem; 5. Smythe, PR

Diving (183.45) 1. Tillemans, Bem; 2. Nelson, Bem; 3. Hanson, Ben; no fourth

100 fly (1:03.51) 1. Hoven, Bem; 2. Goebel, PR; 3. McBrady, PR; 4. Stinar, PR; no fifth

100 f.s. (50.11) 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. Paul Voss, Bem; 3. Nyberg, Bem; 4. Storseth, PR; 5. Eystad, PR

500 f.s. (5:38.34) 1..Falk, Bem; 2. Merfeld, PR; 3. Pat Voss. Bem; 4. Gubbels, Bem; 5. Waggoner, PR

200 f.s. relay (1:45.35) 1. PR (Storseth-Kading-Merfeld-Goebel); 2. Bem (Pau Voss-Nyberg-Pat Voss-Wright); 3..Bem (Falk-Gubbels-Becker-Hemp)

100 back (59.71) 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. Smythe, PR; 3. Eystad, PR; 4. Johnson, PR; no fifth

100 breast (1:10.73) 1. McBrady, PR; 2. Arndt, Bem; 3. Olson, Bem; 4. Booge, PR; 5.Adolphson, PR

400 f.s. relay (3:54.41) 1. Bem. (Hoven-Hemp-Pat Voss-Wilcox) 2. PR; 3.PR