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Middle School ski team competes at Brainerd

The Bemidji Middle School ski team wound up its season Saturday at the Junior High Sectional Championships at the Arboretum course at Brainerd.

Six schools competed with Little Falls, Deer River, Detroit Lakes and Alexandria joining the Jacks ands Brainerd.

Competition was held in four grade levels, 6-7-8-9 with teams limited to four entrants in each grade.

No team totals were kept.

Austin Chatterton of Bemidji led the 6th  Grade boys race with a combined total of 32,55 for the 5k classical and freestyle legs.

Joel Carlson was fourth and Nolan Hamilton sixth.

Liam Martin of Deer River took the 7th Grade title in 28.29.

Josh Claussen was third for Bemidji and Tyler Verdugo 14.

Jordan Wednchuk of Bemidji led the 8th Grade race in 27:00, winning by more than 90 seconds. Anthony Trudeau was fourth and Matthew Eriksson sixth.

The 9th Grade crown went to Cody Call of Alexandria in 26:42.

Bemidji had no entrants, its only freshman Tony and Kyle Sagedahl varsity starters.

The four overall winners also led the classical and freestyle legs.

In the girls division, Claudia Gammon-Deering of Little Falls won the 6th Grade title in 34;11 with Morgan Sagedahl of Bemidji second, Atomic Thorson fourth and Anna Eriksson seventh.

Serena Schreifels of Brainerd took the 7th Grade crown in 32.47 with Lauren Weaver of Bemidji ninth.

Katie Montgomery of Brainerd led the 8th graders in 31:52 with California Thorson fourth, Hannah Hamilton eighth and Ariel Tix ninth for Bemidji.

Chloe Houle of Little Falls won the 9th grade race. Bemidji has no freshman skiers.

Coach Dan Rogers worked with15 boys and nine girls in the Middle School program this winter.

Sagedahl, Schreifels, Montgomery and Houle won the classical legs. Gammon-Deering, Carlie Sobieck of Little Falls, Vanessa Parrington of Deer River and Houle were the skate leaders.