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Bemidji HS boys swimmers win Jacks triangular

The Bemidji Lumberjacks stepped away from the conventional meet format Thursday to take top honors at a triangular with Moorhead and Fargo South at the Aquatics Center.

Using a number of college events in place of the usual high school distances, Bemidji piled up 117 points to 107 for Moorhead and 97 for South.

The meet was scored to six place with double scores for relays with teams allowed to score only two in each event.

The Jacks host Park Rapids Thursday and compete at the Hibbing Invitational Saturday in their next two starts.

Fargo took the medley relay with Bemidji four seconds back and its B Team fourth to trail the Bruins by eight

Logan Arnold of Moorhead took the 1000 free over Nick Nyberg who was the lone Bemidji entrant.

Bemidji showed its usual strength in the 200 free with Matt Wilcox and Pau Voss going 1-2 for 12 points.

Dylan Hoven won the 50 free with Nick Gubbels fifth for another nine points.

Jake Reopelle of South won the 400 IM with Adam Falk, third and Pat Voss fourth.

The first of two diving events was won by Moorhead's Mike Golling with Dylan Tillemans third and Anthony Hanson fifth or the Jacks.

David Flickinger of Moorhead led the 200 fly over Paul Voss with Falk fifth.

Hoven became a double winner in the 100 free wit Gubbels second for another strong 12 point Bemidji event

Wilcox joined Hoven as a double winner in the 200 back where Tyler Hemp was fifth.

Fargo's Pat Foley topped the 500 free over Pat Voss with Eli Wright fourth.

Golling returned to take the second diving feature over Tillemans with Hanson fifth.

The fourth double winner was Flickinger who won the 200 breast. Seth Olson and Matt Arndt were 5-6 for Bemidji's three points.

The closing 200 free relay went to Bemidji in 1:31.44 with Hoven, Falk, Paul Voss and Wilcox with fifth place going to Gubbels, Jared Becker, Pat Voss and Nyberg.




200 medley relay (1:45.99) 1. FS (Duncan-Olson-Rasmus-Reopelle); 2. Bem (Paul Voss- Wilcox- Falk-Hove en'; 3. FS-B; 4. Mhd; 5. Bem-B (Wright, Olson-Pat Voss-Gubbels); 6. Mhd- B

100 f.s. (11:01.98) 1. Arnold, Mhd; 2. Nyberg, Bem; 3. Brock, FS; 4. Knoll, FS; 5. Sederquist, Mhd; no sixth

200 f.s.(1:48.27) 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. Paul Voss, Bem; 3. Fierstine, Mhd; 4. Lorenz, FS; 5. Arnold, Mhd; 6. Miler, FS

50 f.s. (22:16) 1. Hoven, Bem; 2. Arnold, Mhd; 3. Foley, Mhd; 4. Jones, FS; 5. Gubbels, Bem; 6. Gourde, FS

400 IM (4:46.64) 1. Reopelle, FS; 2. Rasmus, FS'; 3. Falk, Bem; 4. Pat Voss, Bem; 5. Colmer, Mhd; no sixth

Diving: (264.30) 1. Golling, Mhd; 2. Johnson, Mhd; 3.Tillemans, Bem; 4. Brees, FS; 5. Hanson, Bem; no sixth

200 fly (2:05.06) 1. Flickinger, Mhd; 2. Paul Voss, Bem; 3. Rasmus, FS; 4. Foley, Mhd; 5. Falk, Bem; 6. Gourde, FS

100 f.s. (51.44) 1. Hoven, Bem; 2. Gubbels, Bem; 3. Jones, FS; 4. Nelson, Mhd; 5. Monk-Lundberg, Mhd; 6. Jones, FS

200 back (2:09.40) 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. Arnold, Mhd; 3. P. Duncan, FS; 4. .N. Duncan, FS; 5. Hemp, Bem; 6.Monk-Lundbeeg, Mhd.

500 f.s. (5:27.98) 1. Foley, Mhd; 2. Pat Voss, Bem; 3. Joachim, FS; 4. Wright, Bem; 5. Fierstine, Mhd; no sixth

Diving (188.60) 1. Golling, Mhd; 2. Tillemans, Bem; 3. Desautel, Mhd; 4. Breen, FS; 5. Hanson, Bem; no sixth

200 breast (2:23.56) 1. Flickinger, Mhd; 2. Olson, FS; 3.Keller, FS; 4. Arnold, Mhd; 5.Olson Bem; 6. Arndt, Bem.

200 f.s relay (1:31.44) 1. Bem (Hoven-Falk-Paul Voss-Wilcox); 2. FS; 3. Mhd; 4. FS-B; 5. Bem-B (Gubbels-Olson-Hemp-Arndt); no sixth .