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Bemidji HS boys swimming team beats Thief River Falls, keeps perfect dual record

Bemidji's Paul Voss led the way in the 200 freestyle Tuesday as Bemidji swam past Thief River Falls 108-74. Voss later added a win in the backstroke. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

The Bemidji High swim team remained unbeaten in dual meets this season, repeating an earlier win over Thief River Falls 108-74 at the Aquatics Center.

It came far easer than the 88-82 win in the earlier meeting which went down to the final event before being decided.

One major reason came in diving where the Jacks held a 13-0 lead in an event which Thief River cannot contest since its pool is not cleared for diving.

Bemidji was missing several swimmers who missed practice Monday. And they were flat most of the night.

They had the talent to win, however, opening with a win in the medley from Paul Voss, Matt Wilcox, Adam Falk and Dylan Hoven and followed with a 1-2 in the 200 free from Voss and Nick Nyberg.

Ryan Olson and Stephen Bates of TRF went 1-2 in the IM where Bemidji managed only three points.

Hoven led a 1-4 finish in the 50 for an 8-8 split before Dylan Tillemans, Gunnar Nelson and Andrew Hanson took the three diving spots for 13 unanswered points.

Wilcox won the fly with Falk third for a 9-7 Bemidji event and Hoven became a double winner in the 100 free with Tyler Hemp fourth for another 8-8 standoff.

Nyberg scored a key victory in the 500 free with Pat Voss third for another 8-7 Bemidji event.

The Jacks widened the gap with a 1-3 in the 200 free relay won by Gubbels, Seth Olson, Pat Voss and Nyberg and further widened the gap with Paul Voss took the backstroke to become the team's second two event winner.

Wilcox's second win came in the breaststroke where Olson was third and Matt Arndt fourth for a 11-5 Bemidji lead. The Jacks then wrapped things up with a 1-2 in the 400 relay with Falk, Nyberg, Pat Voss and Hoven winning.

Next for BHS is Saturday's True Team at Detroit Lakes.



200 medley relay (1:49.73) 1. Bem (Paul Voss-Wilcox-Falk-Hoven) 2; TRF; 3 TRF

200 f.s. (1:58.32) 1. Paul Voss, Bem; 2. Nyberg, .Bem; 3. Rima, TRF; 4. Douglas, TRF; 5. Beito, TRF

200 IM (2:21.17) 1. Olson, TRF; 2. Bates, TRF; 3. Falk, Bem; 4. Patel, TRF; 5. Pat Voss, Bem;

50 f.s. (22.63) 1. Hoven, Bem; 2. Carlson, TRF; 3. Wolter, TRF; 4. Gubbels, Bem; 5. Hiff, TRF

Diving (151.7) 1. Tillemans, Bem; 2. Nelson, Bem; 3. Hanson, Bem; no fourth

100 fly (55.89)- 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. Bates, TRF; 3. Falk, Bem; 4. Patel, TRF; 5. Possai, TRF

100 f.s. (52.26) 1. Hoven. Bem; 2. Carlson, TRF; 3. Wolter, TRF; 4. Hemp, Bem; 5. Cliburn, TRF

500 f.s. (5:22.92) 1. Nyberg, Bem; 2. Rima, TRF: 3. Pat Voss, Bem; 4. Beito, TRF; 5. Douglas, TRF

'200 f.s. relay (1:51.04) 1. Bem (Gubbels-Olson-Pat Voss-Nyberg); 2. TRF; 3. Bem (Arndt-Hemp- Jernigan-Scholl)

100 back (1:08.42) 1. Paul Voss, Bem; 2. Ilift, TRF; 3. Possai, TRF; 4. Petras-Swanton, TRF; no fifth

100 breast (1:04.54) 1. Wilcox, Bem; 2. .Olson, TRF; 3. Olson, Bem; 4. Arndt, Bem; 5. Holland, TRF

400 f.s. relay (3:47.35) 1. Bem (Falk- Nyberg-Pat Voss-Hoven); 2. Bem (Paul Voss-Wright-Gubbels-Wilcox); 3. TRF