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Community Ed Old Timers tournament

The Rim Rockers were crowned champions. They are, front row from left to right: Jess Swedberg, Erica Thompson, Jenna Neft, Jamie Lundell and Amber Michalek. Back row: Ryan Brown, Mike Swedberg, Stu Ostendorf, Jeremy Forseen, Andrew Lundell, David Olson, Cody Pitzen, Matt Swedberg and Kyle Forseen. Teams who particiapted but were not pictured were Blackduck Family Foods who were captained by Chad Magoon and was made up of played from 1993-2009 and Please, No Autographs who was captained by Cody Gross. Pl...1 / 5
The Paul Scheldrup Experience team was captained by Paul Scheldrup and Scott Merrill. This team was made up of player from players who graduated from 1995-2000.2 / 5
Adam's Team was captained by Adam Ziegler and Carl Adams. The team consisted of players from the graduating classes from 1981-2008.3 / 5
Shooting a free throw is Scott Geerdes.4 / 5
The Back Forty team captains were Tyrone and Jenny Moen and consisted of players who graduated from 1988-2004.5 / 5

The Old Timers Tournament was held as a fundraiser for Blackduck Community Education K-sixth grade basketball program. All players had to have graduated from high school. The majority of the players graduated from Blackduck High School but there were graduates from 11 other schools. It is hopeful that the event will be held again next year.