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Bemidji HS nordic ski: Jacks second at Brainerd meet

The Bemidji High Nordic ski teams had their best day of the young season Thursday, taking second place at the Brainerd Invitational at the Arboretum.

St. Cloud Tech won the boys title with a combined time of 1:59.02 to 2:05.21 for Bemidji. Little Falls, Brainerd and Detroit Lakes rounded out the top five in a nine-team field.

Sam Anderson of Tech was the individual champion, completing the 10k pursuit course in 27:37

Jake Richards of DL was less than a second behind in second and Matt Lee of Bemidji losing by a nose in third.

Tony Sagedahl finished 14, Adam Holter 17 and Kyle Sagedahl 19 to complete the Bemidji scoring.

The kickers were Sam Dwyer 30 and Eli Rassler 35 in a field of 47.

Little Falls won the girls title in 2:25.29 with Bemidji less than a second behind in second. Mora, Brainerd and Alexandria completed the top five with Detroit Lakes the only other full team among nine.

Bemidji's Bailey Drewes won the individual title in 34.03, nosing out Mindy Drotts of Deer River.

Maria Hauer of Little Falls and Callie Smith of Mora were both within a second of the leader.

Molly Manske was seventh, Laura Yourd 11 and Alicia Papke-Larson 18, the only Bemidji skiers in the field of 34.

Bemidji also was second in the boys JV race won by Little Falls in 1:09.02 to 1.10.17 for Bemidji.

Detroit Lakes was the only other full team in a field of eight

Chris Roux of Tech took individual honors, completing the 5k freestyle course in 14:26. He finished a full minute ahead of teammate Karl Christensen.

For Bemidji, Matt Chatterton led in fifth with John Buckanaga 12, Matt Armstrong 14 and Trent Buckanaga 17 to complete the scoring.

Following were Tanner Asper 22 Andy Berube 24 and Devin Danielson 26 in a field of 29.

Brainerd took the girls JV crown in 1:14.04 to 1:22.33 for Little Falls. DL and Mora were the only other full teams.

Bemidji had no entries.

In the Junior High Division. Jordan Wednchuk of Bemidji won the boys title in 11.10 over a 3k freestyle route. It was his second title this year.

Josh Claussen was fourth, Austin Chatterton 10 and Matthew Eriksson 12 to complete the scoring.

They were followed by Joel Carlson 27, Nolan Hamilton 34 and Tyler Verdugo 36.

The girls winners was Katie Montgomery of Brainerd in 12:07 winning by six seconds.

For Bemidji, Morgan Sagedahl was sixth, Anna Eriksson 22, Ariel Tix 33 and Hannah Hamilton 37, the only four skiers entered.

No team totals were maintained in the junior high division.

Bemidji is back on the trails Tuesday at Maplelag, skiing the Detroit Lakes Invitational.