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Bemidji HS wrestling: Jacks lose three at Frazee

The undermanned Bemidji Lumberjacks mat team dropped all three matches Saturday tat the Frazee Quadrangular, bowing 63-9 to Border West 58-15 to Frazee and 51-19 to Mahnomen.

Bemidji entered only eight wrestlers giving up 36 points in each match on forfeits.

Jake Crosby's pin and a decision by Dale Norton accounted for the only points against Border West,

In the Frazee match, Norton had a pin Alex Johnson gained a forfeit while Craig Maas won 1-0 for the 15 points.

Against Mahnomen, Logan Crosby won by forfeit, Norton had a fall, Drew Peterson scored a major and Maas a decision for the19 points.

Seven JV wrestlers ended 2-14 on the day,. Ten Middle Schoolers emerged 14-12.

Things get even more taxing in the next outing, the giant Red River Invitational at Fargo Dec, .29-30, a meet that attracts upwards of 64 teams.



103-Kole Lefebvre, Mah. won by forfeit

112-no match

119-Logan Crosby, Bem. won by forfeit

125-Garrett Hoffner, Mah. pinned Kade Johnson 1:19

130-Jonathan Hoffner, Mah. decisioned Jake Crosby 6-0

135-Craig Maas, Bem. decisioned Austin Reitan 5-3

140-Daler Norton, Bem. pinned Darin Geray 0:31

145-Drew Peterson, Bem. decisioned August Lavoie 9-0

152-Caleb Lavie, Mah, won by forfeit

160-Kellen McArthur, Mah. pinned Cody Gardner 2:55

171-Keit Jessen, Mah. won by forfeit

189-Martin Farley, Mah. won by forfeit

215-Preston Zorves, Mah. won by forfeit

Hwt-Jordan McArthur, Mah. pinned Alex Johnson 2:15

- - - - -



103-Cameron Sykora, BW won by forfeit

112-Mitch Andrews, BW pinned Logan Crosby 5:22

119-Ryan Murphy, BW TF over Kade Johnson

125-Jake Crosby, Bem. pinned Koby Ellingson 0:55

130-Will McCarthy, BW pinned Craig Maas as 0:55

135-Austin Gray, BW pinned Cody Thoring 1:52

140-Dale Norton, Bem. decisioned Austin Magnum 9-2

145-Austin Bunke, BW decisioned Drew Peterson 9-1

152- Nick Stafford, BW pinned Cody Gardner 5:28

160-Garrett Brettberns, BW won by forfeit

171-Charlie Magnum BW, won by forfeit

'189-Wylie Pullis, BW won by forfeit

215-Kenny Custard, BW won by forfeit

Hwt-Billy Connelly, BW pinned Alex Johnson 4:36

- - - - -



103-Isaac Schermerhorn, Frz ,won by forfeit

112-Trevor Stilke, Frz, decisioned Logan Crosby 9-7

119-Tanner Ellenberg, Frz. pinned Kade Johnson 4:32

125- Bruce Leman, Frz. decisioned Jake Crosby 10-2

130-Craig Maas, Bem. decisioned John Duel 1-0

135-Myrel Schermerhorn, Frz. pinned Cody Thoring 1:09

140-Dale Norton, Bem. pinned Tyler Ziegler 5:04

145-Cody Piper, Frz, decisioned Drew Peterson 8-0

152-Casey Nunn, Frz. pinned Cody Gardner 1:27

160-Rick Brandt, Frz. won by forfeit

171- Nate Sandberg, Frz. won by forfeit

189-Kody Lafriniere, Frz. won by forfeit

215-no match

Hwt-Alex Johnson, Bem. won by forfeit

- - - - -


Logan Knutson,1-1, Russ Mason 1-1, Brenden Fredrickson 0-2., Josh Dryer 0-2, Dustin Greenman 0-2, Nick Ness 0-3, Gary Molash 0-3



Tyler O'Beirne 3-0, Larime Martell 2-0, Nickeem Lawrence 2-1, Mike Fogarty 2-1,. Ryle Masterson 2-1, Caleb Kuether 1-1.Cody Carter 1-1, John Seelye 0-2, Josh Seelye 0-3