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Vikings Corner: Favre is now face of the franchise

For the third time since 2000, the Minnesota Vikings are 5-0.

It's hard to argue with the team's success this year, because they have gotten progressively better, steadily building upon each game.

The play of Brett Favre has been especially important, even under the spotlight he has thus far exceeded expectations.

Childress points to Brett's single-mindedness as the biggest reason for his success.

"The focus narrows," said the coach after beating Green Bay last week. "He's done it enough times where he is able to keep that in check."

The Vikings-Packers game was the first official game of the newly named Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and it was a complete circus, it was a media-driven-fan-fed frenzy.

But he was able to block out all of the distractions and concentrate on the football game.

Favre admitted to being as nervous as he's ever been before a game, yet he played great. He threw for 271 yards and three touchdowns.

Afterwards in a seemingly heartfelt moment he reflected on similar feelings he had when his dad passed away.

It was the night before an important Monday Night Football game at Oakland and the Packers needed a win to help their push for the playoffs. Brett was able to ignore the distractions and finished with 399 yards and four touchdowns.

Favre has made the league's best running back a background story on the team, even though he is second in the NFL in rush yards.

Adrian Peterson hasn't even had to face the media in a post-game press conference. That's not to say he's not available.

Peterson has never turned away from a linebacker nor a reporter. Unlike Randy Moss who refused to speak after games in which he wasn't the star, AP will stay as long as he's needed. There just hasn't been room for him.

After the home opener against San Francisco everyone clamored for the highlight finish of Brett Favre and Greg Lewis.

Green Bay? Of course that was nothing but Favre, Favre, Favre. As far as most of the country was concerned that game wasn't Vikings vs. Packers, it was Favre vs. Packers, and with the dominance he showed over his former team, it will stay that way for the rest of the year. For better or for worse.

But that's not a bad thing. Peterson has thrived in his current role, even while playing second fiddle he has 30 more yards and four more touchdowns than the same point last year.

Adrian ran the ball only 15 times last week and the team won easily. That may ultimately prove to be the most important aspect of the Favre signing.

Not just because it reduces the work load for AP, but it extends the life of Brett, and realize this. Brett Favre is now the face of this franchise, not Peterson. His role has gone from game winner to arm saver.

That's not such a bad thing either. They make each other better.

Much has been said about the schedule the next three weeks and how the Vikings will need to keep winning to prove how good they really are, but that's not exactly true.

They need only to keep Favre and Peterson healthy. As long as they are healthy, the schedule won't matter.

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