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Bemidji HS girls swimming wins first True Team sectional

Bemidji's swim team said hello to the Section 8A True Team section meet Saturday, winning the title in its first try over a nine-team field.

Accustomed to an also ran finish in the 8-2A meet for years, Bemidji feasted on the small school field, using its superior depth to good advantage all day.

It will send the team to the state meet next Saturday at the University of Minnesota.

Bemidji piled up 1.438 points to 1,359 for Park Rapids with Perham, Warroad and Fosston-Bagley rounding out the top five.

Bemidji won only one event, the 200 freestyle, but placed its top performers in the top 10 and the remainder of its entrants consistently in the top 15.

The meet was scored to 36 places from 36 to one and its relays from 72 to two in drops of two.

Thief River Falls swept all three relays but finished no higher that sixth.

Bemidji went 9-12-14-19 in the medley, one of its poorer events.

But Selina Gilbertson led the 200 free by a half second and Katie Verchota, Lexie Hendricks and Laura Yourd were 4-9-15 for a major boost.

Kyrsten Nelson of Roseau paced the IM where Bemidji went 7-5-17-21 led by Alicia Papke-Larson.

It was Warroad's Jenna Thompson in the 50 free where Kirsten Sharpe led a 7-8-16-24 finish.

Jana Hedstrom finished second in diving to DL's Shayna Dugger with Tayler Heinle fifth, Hailey Erickson 13 and Jade Hovet 16.

DL's Melissa Paakh led the butterfly where Bemidji was 10-18-20 with its fourth entry DQ'd..

Gilbertson took second to Thompson in the 100 free with Luby, Sharpe and Yourd 7-13-15.

Verchota was second in the 500 to Libby Larson of DL with the champs also going 13-18-22.

Gilbertson, Sharpe, Maris Jahner and Verchota were second to TRF in the 200 free with its other three teams 10-19-26.

Gracie Daniels of TRF won the backstroke where Bemidji went 10-11-14-22.

Paakh, joined Thompson as a double winner in the breaststroke where Papke-Larson was fourth and was aided by an 11-14-22 finish.

The Prowlers completed the relay sweep in the 400 where Bemidji was fourth with Verchota, Ashlin Hasson, Luby and Gilbertson, also finishing 9-13-21.

Bemidji will swim at Detroit Lakes Tuesday.




at Bemidji

Team totals: Bemidji 1,438, Park Rapids 1,359. Perham 1,257, Warroad 1,207, Fosston=Bagley 1,072, Thief River Falls 1,028.5, Detroit Lakes 983, Roseau 604, Crookston 508.5

200 medley relay (2:00.62) 1.TRF (Daniels-Nelson- Stennes-Steenerson); 2. PR; 3. Wrd; 4. DL; 5. PR-B; 9. Bem-A (Hasson-Papke-Larson-Jahner-Krause); 12. Bem-B (Hedges-McLean-Vanasse-Lawrence); 14. Bem-C (Luby-Timms-Sharpe-Schol;19. Bem-D (Heinle-Erickson-Sweep-Olson)

200 f.s.(2:03.09) 1.Gilbertson, Bem; 2. Sylvester, Wrd; 3. Larson, DL; 4. Verchota, Bem; 5. Creager, PR; 9.Hendricks, Bem; 15. Yourd, Bem.

200 IM (2:28.83) 1. Nelson, Ros; 2. Olson, DL; 3.L Kratzke, Per; 4. D. Scheef, TRF; 5. Nelson, TRF; 7. Papke-Larson, Bem; 15. Sweep, Bem;17. McLean, Bem; 21. Timms Bem.

50 f.s. (25.47) 1. Thompson, Wrd; 2. (tie) Stennes, TRF and Steenerson.TRF; 4. Zinke, PR; 5. Halbur, DL; 7. Sharpe, Bem; 8. Jahner, Bem;16.  Krause, Bem; 24, Olson, Bem.

Diving (325.50) 1. Dugger, DL; 2. Hedstrom, Bem; 3. Halbur, DL: 4. Penning, PR; 5. Heinle, Bem; 13. Erickson, Bem; 15.Hovet, Bem.

100 fly (59.68) 1. Paakh, DL; 2. Penning, PR; 3. Papke, F-B; 4. Meyer, Per; 5. Smith, F-B; 10. Jahner, Bem; 18, Lawrence, Bem; 20 Sweep, Bem.

100 f.s. (56.63) 1. Thompson, Wrd; 2. Gilbertson, Bem; 3. Sylvester, Wrd; 4. Creager, PR; 5. Koch, Ckn; 7. Luby, Bem; 13 .Sharpe. Bem; 15. Yourd, Bem.

500 f.s. (5:37.14) 1. Larson, DL; 2. Verchota, Bem; 3. Erickson, PR; 4. Scheef, Wrd; 5. Olson, DL; 13. Hendricks, Bem; 18, Hasson, Bem; 22. Olson, Bem.

200 f.s. relay (1:46.84) 1. TRF (Steenerson-Roy-Nelson-Stennes); 2. Bem-A (Gilbertson-Sharpe-Jahner-Verchota); 3 Wrd; 4. PR; 5. F-B; 10. Bem-B (Yourd-Hendricks-Krause- Timms; 19 Bem-C (Anderson-Smith-Loisel-Milne); 26. Bem-D (Scholl-Carson-Sycks-Fleahman)

100 back (1:05.90) 1. Daniels, TRF; 2. Erickson, PR; 3. Koch, Crk; 4. Ondracek, PR; 5.P Spies, DL; 10. Luby, Bem; 11. Hedges, Bem; 14. Hasson, Bem; 22. Anderson, Bem.

100 breast (1:11.05) 1. Paakh, .DL; 2. Kratzke, Per; 3. Schirmers, PR; 4. Papke-Larson; Bem; 5. Nelson, Ros; 9. Timms, Bem; 14. McLean, Bem;16. Erickson, Bem.

400 f.s. relay (3:57.85) 1. TRF (Steenerson-Simenson-Roy-Stennes); 2. DL; 3. Per; 4. Bem-A (Verchota-Hasson-Luby-Gilbertson); 5. F-B; 9. Bem-B (Yourd-Papke-Larson-Krause-Lawrence); 13, (tie) Bem-C (Hendricks-Hedges- Scholl-Sweep);

21. Bem-D (Olson-Smith-Milne-Loisel)