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Vikings Corner: Packers-Vikings will have added drama this year on MNF

Brett Favre will face Green Bay for the first time as an opponent when the Vikings host the Packers on Monday Night Football. AP Photo/Jim Mone

Vikings versus Packers on Monday Night Football, always a big game, is made even bigger by the never-ending storylines. Of course most of them are wrapped around an enigmatic quarterback.

Brett Favre has dominated local and national headlines for weeks but he topped them all with his 32-yard touchdown strike to Greg Lewis last week against San Francisco.

Of all the records he set with Green Bay, most games played (255), wins (160), passing attempts (8,754), completions (5,377), yards (61,655), touchdowns (442) and passer rating (85.8), the quarterback that defined that organization since the 90s, had never thrown a game-winning touchdown pass in the last 10 seconds before. He saved those heroics for the enemy.

Last year the Vikings opened the season on Monday Night Football at Lambeau field and there was just as much drama. It was supposed to be the coming out party for two young quarterbacks, Tarvaris Jackson and Aaron Rodgers, but those in attendance had originally bought their tickets to see the Packers retire the No. 4.

Some that I talked to paid over $600 for their tickets, Favre was an icon they said and they wanted to be a part of his history. Instead, they saw the two signal callers struggle, one of which finally lost his job to the guy whose number they were supposed to retire, but No. 4 is on the other team now.

Confused? Try wrapping yourself in cheddar and see how it feels.

"Well he can't go 0-16, so I hope he goes 1-15 and throws 30 interceptions," said one fan after Favre's first win with the Jets last year. "I am just sick of all of his drama."

Fast forward one year and things are still rocky in titletown. Callers to the sports talk station WNFL in Green Bay, are still split on their thoughts of the local legend. Some are still angry with Packers general manger Ted Thompson and reflect on the golden moments Favre gave them and others, like the one I talked with outside of Lambeau Field, are hoping for a meltdown similar to what happened in New York at the end of last year.

Monday's game features both the past and future quarterbacks for the Packers and they will be the deciding factors on who wins.

Green Bay's new 3-4 defense has given up more yards and points then Minnesota's, but they lead the league in interceptions. Packers coach Mike McCarthy will do everything he can to put the ball in Brett's hands, because doing so means taking it out of Adrian's, not to mention the joy of proving they don't need Favre.

As for Brett, he finally has the definitive chance to get back at Thompson and McCarthy, the two men who wouldn't take him back. But in order to do so he'll need the team, not heroics.

So when Favre trots out on the field in his pink cleats (that's not really a joke either, he'll wearing them as part of the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign), we'll have a chance to see history. Not just because of all the Vikings versus Packers drama, it's from another Favre storyline. He can become the first player in league history to beat all 32 NFL teams. But, besides's just fun to see the Packers suffer.

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