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Vikings Corner: Favre needs to stay the course to ensure success

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) talks on the sidelines during Sunday's game against Detroit. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Despite playing two of the worst teams in the NFL, the Vikings have shown vast improvements with their offense. Not always flashy, but certainly efficient.

Although the team has gotten off to a slow start in both games, more drives have ended with points than punts. This important aspect can be attributed to the Vikings lease with Favre and his willingness to invest in the team mentality.

The biggest knocks on Favre were his age and his penchant to force throws into tight spaces. His gambling paid off more times than not, but his willingness to turn the ball over had gotten out of hand. His success with the purple would be defined by his ability to change his style of play.

Once the gun-slinger, winning games with nothing but an arm and the will to win, they now call him the silver fox. Using his experience not to win, but instead, manage the game.

Favre's completion percentage through two games is tops in the NFL at 77 percent, but he hasn't thrown a pass that has gone longer than 21 yards. A complaint for some, but why?

"What are your thoughts on the lack of downfield attack so far?" Favre was asked by a reporter.

"Does the West Coast offense have the ability to throw down the field?" said another to the head coach.

"What's your opinion on Brett Favre throwing mostly short passes?"

The fact is, is that Favre is doing exactly what this team has needed since Chilly became the coach, throw accurate passes consistently.

"Has Brett changed his ways," the coach was finally asked. "Or is he just doing what it takes to win?"

"He's playing the way that we need to play to win," he replied. "Now are we looking for balls up the field? Yes, we are looking for balls up the field. We just haven't had that many yet."

For the Purple to continue their winning ways they need to build on what has been successful and that means not seeing Favre on the highlight reels.

"He's got wins, he's got a Super Bowl ring; he's got money," said Childress on Wednesday. "He's here to win. I don't think anybody takes anything away from him for that. That's what we're all about, the 53 guys on this football team."

With his late arrival at training camp it was wondered how he would gel with the team, but despite his stardom he hasn't upstaged the franchise and they elected him a team captain last week.

More than anything, Favre is content to win the old fashioned way, solid defense combined with a ball-control offense.

"That's the plan," he said on a conference call. "It is the plan and it all starts with 28 (Adrian Peterson) for us. Our running game is the best I've ever seen, but there will be times when they stop it or we are behind and we have to throw the ball. Now does that mean that we throw for 300 yards or 50 yards? As long as it is enough to win."

Favre has said all the right things during his six weeks with the team. If he continues to play with a secure, ball-control mentality the team will continue to win.

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