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Vikings Corner: In the end, this is still Peterson's team

Brett Favre.

I was out of the state for most of the summer so I missed a lot of the on-again, off-again diva-tale. But most of the people I was with were still interested in the story.

That's all they wanted to talk about though- the story. They didn't care about football; it was the intrigue of adversity overcome that captivated them.

An over-the-hill quarterback, once the darling of the NFL (to those outside Minnesota and Chicago), now scorned by the team he resurrected, looks to make a comeback with their biggest rival. It's a script written by Hollywood.

In the same way a horror story strings things out; with the boogie man lurking around, poking his head out every now and then, Favre did the same.

The story wouldn't make any money if the bad man jumped out and said "boo" right away. And the league wouldn't care so much if Favre would just quit retiring year after year.

Let's not lose focus here. When we left this tale last year, the Vikings were a team unfulfilled, stopped short on their title quest by an inconsistent offense.

The antagonist was played perfectly by coach Brad Childress, a double-agent, the bait-and-switch, like a used-car salesman he did everything he could to sell a lemon, but his refusal to invest in an actual starting quarterback cost them the season.

Adrian Peterson, like a hero on his steed, battered teams into submission. He led the league in rushing, but without an aerial threat, the offense was stale and predictable.

The story moved on.

During the offseason the Purple found another backup quarterback in Sage Rosenfels, but in order for Childress to save his job more would be needed.

The west-coast offense requires a smart quarterback that can throw short and accurate passes consistently. It's an aspect something Childress' offenses have lacked.

Enter the Silver Squirrel.

Brett Favre may be old and he may be washed up, but the unlikely hero is better today than anybody else on staff. And that's the focus of this year's story.

Forget the future of the quarterback position is still in doubt. Forget Chilly hasn't been able to develop the quarterback he drafted into an everyday starter. Forget the Vikings offense has completely lacked imagination.

Focus on today.

Focus on the Favre saga for what it is - a $12 million band aid. Focus on the fact that the Vikings have a white knight they can ride to victory.

The Vikings will still be a run-oriented offense, but defenses won't be able to key on the ground game, they will have to respect the passing attack as well. But, Favre's biggest stories will be when he's not the story.

On Monday night in Houston, Peterson broke loose for a 75-yard touchdown on the team's first play, prompting ESPN's Mike Tirico to declare "this team is still his!"

A mere 16 seconds into the game and Favre wasn't the story, he was a character that helped move the plot. That's how the story will go this year.

The old gunslinger isn't our knight. It's Adrian. It always has been and should be.

Adrian Peterson makes Brett Favre a better quarterback and that's a legend worth reading about.

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