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Beaver Pride Night at the Speedway

Billy Smith signals victory after winning his seventh Mini Stocks feature of the summer Sunday night at Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

It was Bemidji State University Beaver Pride night Sunday at the Bemidji Speedway. Race fans enjoyed a full slate of six classes of cars with the addition of the Bemidji Street class.

The track championships are scheduled Monday, ending the regular-season points races.

The Wissota Mod 4 Nationals will be the featured attraction along with Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and Mini Stocks. The Mod 4's will be running for an increased payout. Starting time for the Labor Day race will be 4 p.m.

Bemidji Streets

The first feature was the Streets feature with John Halvorson and Mike Kuhlman heading up the front row.

But Kuhlman slid over the top of the first turn and was sent tailback for the restart moving Howard Kropuenske to the front row.

Scotty Messner started in the second row inside and quickly made his move. Powering down the back straight, Messner used a high low pass in turn three to pass both Kuhlman and Kropuenske to take the lead.

Don Bowman made a move in turn three to pass Kropuenske for third. Hettinga slid sideways in turn four and was greeted up close by both Bowman and Kropuenske in a hard collision. All three were able to drive away and continue the race. T

The last laps were easily won by Messner who maintains his point lead in the class. Kuhlman, Bowman, Kropuenske, Hettinga, and Halvorson trailed.

Mod 4's

The Amsoil Mod 4's were next on track led by Ev Barrett on the pole and Mike Margl outside.

The race was won when Brandon Bahr raced from last to first down the front straight with the green flag waving the start of the race.

Bahr caught the starters napping taking a high side run along the wall to pass the field and take the lead. Barrett, Darrin Lawler, Fran Hauber, and Margl trailed after the first lap. Lawler had mechanical difficulties in turn two and brought out the first caution flag for a restart. Lawler was sent tailback.

Bahr led Barrett, Hauber, Margl and Lawler down the front straight. Barrett slid into the marbles up high and point leader Hauber raced into second.

The next restart was held by Bahr with Hauber close behind in second. Bahr closed out the race with a four car length lead over Hauber with Lawler, Barrett and Margl finishing in order.

Mini Stocks

The Bemidji Mini Stock feature had Billy Smith getting the pole with Lahna Barrett outside front row.

Smith took the lead with Lahna and Tim Barrett, Gary James Nelson, and Jordan Thayer trailing.

Tim Barrett powered up on the back straight to catch Lahna Barrett and made the pass in the three-four corner. Charging down the front straight and into the first turns Tim Barrett slid sideways and was clipped in the rear fender by Lahna Barrett bringing out the caution flag. Tim Barrett was sent tailback for the restart.

Tim Barrett was able to charge back, making several passes to get back into contention with Smith before another caution slowed the action once again.

When the green flag waved it was Nelson making the move passing Barrett on the back straight to take over second.

Smith raced to his seventh feature win of the summer with Nelson, Tim Barrett, Thayer, and Foster trailing.

Midwest Modifieds

The Midwest Modifieds were led by Doug VanMill and Tim Carlson with Carlson taking the lead followed by VanMill, Al Sadek, Bret Schmidt and Tim Jackson.

Jackson was using a borrowed car from the Nelson racing family after totaling his car in a race earlier in the weekend.

The first caution flag came out for tangle between Jerry Esler and John Hettinga. But during the caution both Jackson and Sadek also pitted for tire repairs returning tailback for the restart.

The restart had Carlson, Schmidt, VanMill, Brian LePier and Doug Voss in the top five. Schmidt raced low in the number two turn and into the lead as the caution flag again waved for action in the corner. Carlson was sideways and Van Mill was sent tailback.

For this restart it was Schmidt in the lead with Carlson, LePier, Voss and Esler trailing.

Voss powered up to pass both LePier and Carlson to take second before LePier went up and over the third turn bringing another caution flag out. LePier was sent tailback.

Following another caution which sent LePier to the pits, three wide battle for third developed with Carlson, Voss and Sadek as Esler was able to make the passes necessary to place him in second behind Schmidt.

Schmidt raced to his third feature win season with Esler a strong second, Voss, Jackson, and Sadek trailed in the top five.

Super Stocks

The Amsoil Super Stocks were next up with Chris Molash on the pole and Tal Lucken to his right. Lucken raced to the lead with Gary Nelson Jr., Molash, Andy Davey and Matt Sparby trailing.

The first caution flew when Jerry Davis got sideways in turn three.

The restart found was heating up with Nelson putting pressure on Lucken for the lead. Nelson drove up side by side with Lucken but couldn't make the pass.

Great racing action developed as Davey charged up on the leaders from his third place position to make it a three car battle for the lead.

With Davey holding the top where others couldn't he raced into the lead down the front straight using the high side to his advantage.

The next restart was led by Davey, with Lucken, Nelson, Vajdl, and Molash in contention. Vajdl powered up to pass Nelson and then stayed on the gas to catch and pass Lucken for second using the high side pass.

Davey raced to the win with Vajdl, Nelson, Lucken and Molash trailing.

Pure Stocks

The final race was the Pure Stocks. Corey Peterson held the pole for the start with Sadie Niemala to his right.

Peterson raced to the front followed by Dalton Carlson, Corbin Finley, Bill Chaboyea, and Nate Rice after one lap. Down the back straight Carlson made the pass for the lead. Point leader Chaboyea raced inside in the third turn to pass Finley for third and continued to move up passing Peterson for second. But he couldn't catch the young Carlson who had a huge lead. Chaboyea cut the distance between himself and the leader but not enough as Carlson raced to the win. In the final scoring Carlson was the winner with Peterson placed second, Finley third, Rice fourth and Nichole Davis fifth. Chaboyea was ninth in the field, setting up a huge race for the track championship in next Monday between Carlson with 561 points and Chaboyea with 569 points.


Feature - Scotty Messner, Mike Kuhlman, Don Bowman, Howard Kropuenske, Daniel Hettinga, John Halvorson

Heat - Messner, Kuhlman, Kropuenske, Halverson, Bowman


Feature - Brandon Bahr, Fran Hauber, Darrin Lawler, Ev Barrett, Mike Margl

Heat - Bahr, Hauber, Lawler, Margl, Barrett


Feature - Billy Smith, Gary James Nelson, Tim Barrett, Jordan Thayer, Billie Foster, Lahna Barrett, Joe Doti, Mike Floura

Heat - T. Barrett, Smith, L. Barrett, Thayer, Nelson.


Feature - Bret Schmidt, Jerry Esler, Doug Voss, Tim Jackson, Al Sadek, Gary Nelson Jr, Doug VanMill, Jason Davis, Adam Johnson, Tim Carlson

Heat 1- Sadek, Jackson, Brian LePier, VanMill, Esler

Heat 2 - Nelson Jr, Schmidt, Carlson, J. Hettinga, C. Dudley


Feature - Andy Davey, Mike Vajdl, Gary Nelson Jr, Tal Lucken, Chris Molash, Jerry Davis, Matt Sparby

Heat - Nelson, Davey, Sparby, Molash, Lucken


Feature - Dalton Carlson, Corey Peterson, Corbin Finley, Nate Rice, Nichole Davis, Joel Harvey, Brandon Hilliard, Sadie Niemela, Bill Chaboyea

Heat 1 - Peterson, Chaboyea, Rice, Finley, M. Glynn

Heat 2 - Carlson, Hilliard, Harvey, Niemela, N. Davis

Season Point Standings

Midwest Modifieds

1. Al Sadek, Bemidji, 534

2. Bryan Lepier, Bemidji, 527

3. Doug Voss, Bemidji, 521

4. Gary Nelson Jr., Blackduck 499

5. Adam Johnson, Menahga 496

6. Tim Jackson, Bemidji 493

7. Bret Schmidt, Bemidji 487

8. Tim Carlson, Cohassett 487

9. Skyler Smith, Bemidji 418

10. Brandon Smith, Bemidji 357

Super Stocks

1. Andy Davey, Hibbing 509

2. Tyler Kintner, Hibbing 503

3. Gary Nelson Jr., Blackduck 500

4. Chris Molash, Bemidji 440

5. Matt Sparby, Bemidji 425

6. Mike Vajdl, Chisholm 349

7. Dale Lindell,  Bemidji 271

8. Tal Lucken Bemidji 267

9. Jerry Davis Bemidji 255

10. G. Lancaster, Turtle River 142

Mod 4's

1. Fran Hauber, Park Rapids 549

2. Brandon Bahr, Bemidji 536

3. Darrin Lawler, Bovey 428

4. Ev Barrett, Red Lake 396

5. Mike Bader, Boy River 384

6. Kevin Bahr, Bemidji 289

7. John Schulke, Bemidji 279

8. Scott Dyrdahl, Gully 248

9. Mike Margl. Bemidji 153

10. Doug Voss, Bemidji 141

Bemidji Streets

1. Scotty Messner, Bemidji 265

2. Mike Kuhlman, Hackensack 259

3. Don Bowman, Bemidji 246

4. Dustin Puffe, Bemidji 231

5. Dan Severson, Crosby 94

6. Henry Peters, Morden, MB 53

7. Aaron Blacklance, Thief River 50

8. James Wall. Winkler, MB 49

9. Dave Wittner, Bemidji 48

10. Tyler Wilson, Fort Francis 43