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Scout Night draws fine crowd to Speedway

Bright sunny skies Sunday at Bemidji Speedway brought out a fine crowd on Scout Night to watch stock car racing in five classes.

The Super Stocks were not in the lineup due to a special running at Proctor Speedway, but the Bemidji Streets were on hand to race the quarter-mile oval.

Next Sunday the Speedway will host Kids Night, with Box Car Racing on the track during intermission. Race time is 5 p.m.

Street Stocks

The first feature was the Bemidji Streets with Henry Peters on the pole and Mike Kuhlman outside.

Peters took the early lead with Scotty Messner making the biggest gain passing several cars to pull into second. Messner continued to charge forward catching Peters on the back straight and raced up door to door with the leader through the 3-4 turns and down the front straight along the wall.

He pulled in to the lead and quickly created space between himself the field. Messner took the flag to flag win with Peters, Kuhlman, Don Bowman, and James Wall trailing in order.

Mini Stocks

The Minis were led by point leader Billy Smith on the pole with Neil Fleming to his right.

In another flag to flag race Smith powered into the lead and stayed there. After a lap it was Smith, Fleming, Tim Barrett, Lahna Barrett and Robert Smith running in order. Tim Barrett raced low in the 3-4 corner and passed Fleming for second but could not catch the speedy Smith who had a sizeable lead.

Smith picked up the win with Tim Barrett, Neil Fleming, Lahna Barrett and Smith trailing across the finish line.

Mod 4's

The Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Mod Fours were led by Ev Barrett and Darrin Lawler. At the green flag with Barrett high along the wall Scott Dyrdahl powered up into the lead with Barrett, Doug Voss, Fran Hauber and Brandon Bahr running in the top five.

The field was in very tight formation with Barrett putting pressure on the leader Dyrdahl and Brandon Bahr charging up into contention on the back straight passing on the high side while Voss raced inside into second behind the leader.

Dyrdahl led the pack down the front straight with Voss, Bahr, Hauber and Mike Marge trailing. Voss powered up door to door with Dyrdahl looking for his second feature win in two weeks.

Voss made the pass in the 3-4 turns with just a lap left and went on to take the hard fought win. Dyrdahl, Bahr, Hauber, and Barrett finished in order in the top five.

Midwest Modifieds

Adam Johnson and Tim Carlson led the field of Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Midwest Modifieds on track with Carlson jumping into the lead at the green flag.

Johnson, Tim Jackson, Al Sadek and Davey Mills made up the top five early in the race. A caution early in the race for a spin by Brandon Smith also sent Doug Voss to the pits for a tire change returning tailback.

With the green flag once again waving Carlson was in charge out in front with most of the action behind him

Carlson had a comfortable five car length lead over Johnson as the race began to heat up with Schmidt now up on Johnson in the first turn. Door to door down the back straight into the 3-4 turns contact made with both cars spinning.

The green flag once again waved with Carlson in control. Jackson, Mills, Brian LePier and Sadek trailing in order. Again contact in the corner brought another caution flag this time with Mills and Jackson. Mills was sent tailback..

The many cautions was taking a toll on the cars and drivers with many heading to the pits. Now late in the race Carlson and LePier dueled for the lead with LePier challenging the leader on the 3-4 corner. Coming out the turns LePier slid hard into the front wall ending his hopes for a repeat win and bringing another caution flag waving.

The last restart again was owned by Carlson pulling out to a safe lead over Jackson who had his hands full with Mills challenging on the high side. Mills made the pass as Carlson took the checkered flag for his first win of the 09 at Bemidji. Mills, Jackson, Sadek, and Johnson made up the top five finishers in a very entertaining and action packed race.

Carlson became the eighth driver to take the division feature in as many races.

Pure Stocks

The last feature of the night had the Pure Stocks on track with Keith Koski and Corey Peterson leading the way in the front row.

Koski took the lead with Wade Schmidt, Brandon Hilliard, Peterson and Dalton Carlson trailing.

Carlson powered up on the inside of the back straight into fourth. Schmidt slid up high in turn four and Carlson raced passed him into third. Koski and Hilliard were running tight up in front.

Carlson and Hilliard both split the leader Koski with Carlson on the high side and Hilliard down low. Hilliard took the lead as Koski came back to run side by side with Carlson for second in great racing action.

Pressing to hold his position Carlson made contact with Hilliard creating a spin and bringing out the caution flag. Carlson was sent tailback for the restart.

The green flag waved for the leader Hilliard, with Koski, Bill Chaboyea, Peterson and Schmidt now in the top five.

Again Carlson was on the move making an inside line pass of Peterson for third.

But the race belonged to Hilliard who took the checkered flag, his first of the summer. Koski finished in second with Carlson third, Peterson fourth and Chaboyea fifth. Carlson and Sadie Niemela were both later placed at the end of the field due to loosing tailpipes on the track moving Peterson to third, Chaboyea to fourth and Schmidt to fifth.


Feature - Scotty Messner, Henry Peters, Mike Kuhlman, Don Bowman, James Wall, Dustin Puffe

Heat 1 - Peters, Wall, Messner, Kuhlman, Bowman


Feature - Billy Smith, Tim Barrett, Neil Fleming, Lahna Barrett, Robert Smith

Heat 1 - T. Barrett, B. Smith, Fleming, L. Barrett, R. Smith


Feature - Doug Voss, Scott Dyrdahl, Brandon Bahr, Fran Hauber, Ev Barrett, Mike Marge, Darrin Lawler

Heat 1 - Voss, Lawler, Hauber, Dyrdahl, E. Barrett


Feature - Tim Carlson, Davey Mills, Tim Jackson, Al Sadek, Adam Johnson, Bryan LePier, Bret Schmidt, Matt Sparby, Chris Dudley, Doug Voss

Heat 1 -Mills, Johnson, LePier, Jackson, Dudley

Heat 2 - Schmidt, Sadek, Voss, Carlson, B .Smith


Feature - Brandon Hilliard, Keith Koski, Corey Peterson, Bill Chaboyea, Wade Schmidt,. Dalton Carlson, Sadie Niemela

Heat 1 - Peterson, Schmidt, Koski, Hilliard, Niemela