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Seven features highlight card at Bemidji Speedway

Bryan LePier celebrates his victory in the makeup feature of the Midwest Modified class Sunday night at the Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

A total of seven feature races highlighted the action at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday night with the Bemidji Streets added to the slate along with the delayed Midwest Modified feature race from July 5.

Beautiful weather brought close to 500 fans and a fine car count to watch five first-time winners drive onto Victory Circle.

The Speedway will host Scout Night next week with the Streets and Pure Stock Series back on track.

Bemidji Streets

A small field of Streets were led on track by Don Bowman and Mike Kuhlman.

Kuhlman grabbed the initial lead over Bowman but gave it up in turn two several laps later when he slid up high in the corner dropping him to third behind Bowman and Scotty Messner.

Messner challenged Bowman racing the leader side by side in the first turn but a caution slowed the race for a restart dropping him back to the tail end of the field.

Following the restart Bowman took the checkered flag with Kuhlman trailing and Messner third. It was Bowman's first win of the summer at the Speedway.

Pure Stocks

Joe Fairbanks held the pole with point leader Bill Chaboyea outside for the start of the Pure Stock feature. Chaboyea took the lead over Reggie Wind with Fairbanks holding onto third.

Wind lost grip and dropped back as Fairbanks took control of second with Corey Peterson, Dalton Carlson also passing Wind.

Corbin Findley making his debut after several years out of racing, pulled into fifth. Carlson continued to move up racing door to door with Fairbanks for several laps before making the pass for second.

Then on the last lap Carlson with the leader Chaboyea to his right coming down the front straight took the lead and the win. Chaboyea, Findley, Peterson and Fairbanks made up the top five.

Mini Stocks

The mini stock feature was up next with Neil Fleming on the pole and newcomer Robert Smith outside. The green flag waved and Fleming and Tim Barrett battled door to door for the lead, Barrett coming up from his second row inside start.

Barrett took the lead with Fleming and Billy Smith trailing. Smith quickly took control of second with a inside move pass. Smith then moved up to challenge Barrett for the lead racing side by side lap after lap in exciting racing action.

The racers put on a show with Smith finally able to take the lead and pick up his third feature win of the summer. Barrett, Fleming, Smith and Lahna Barrett made up the top five finishers.

Mod 4's

With both Ev Barrett and Kevin Bahr sitting out the race after last week's crash Doug Voss jumped into the No. 1 car of Kevin Bahr.

The pole position for the race was filled by John Shulke with Brandon Bahr to his right. Bahr took the lead with Shulke, Voss, Mike Bader and Troy Kuehl trailing.

Voss charged up into second on lap two and then pulled up on the bumper of Bahr to challenge for the lead with Mike Bader three car lengths back in third.

The first caution came when Kuehl spun in turn four sending him tailback for the restart.

The restart was led by Bahr with Voss, Bader, Shulke and Fran Hauber trailing. Voss raced high in turn two with Bader following as both made the pass of Bahr for the lead and second place.

Bahr charged back to battle door to door with Bader before Bader finally took control of the back up position.

But it wasn't enough as Voss crossed the finish line for his first feature win this year giving Bader his first loss of the year in second. Bahr, Hauber and Shulke trailed across the finish line.

Midwest Modifieds

Twenty Wissota Midwest Modifieds were led by Adam Gajeski on the pole and Matt Fullerton to his right.

Fullerton took the lead over Gajeski with Davey Mills, Tim Carlson and Tony Buzenski trailing in order.

The large field spread out quickly around the track while Mills raced inside to pass Gajeski for second. A caution was thrown in turn two with Voss heading to the pits with a flat tire and returned tailback.

The race restarted with Mills once again able to get by Gajeski, this time using a high side pass for second. Bret Schmidt started the race in 19th was now battling with Carlson and LePier for fifth. He made the pass and continued forward passing Gajeski for third with LePier following into fourth. Carlson spun and stalled on the back straight. He was missed by several racers but his luck ended when Mike Margl collided with the stalled car sending him flying in the air, damaging both cars and bringing another caution flag out.

On the restart, Schmidt raced high in turn two and passed Mills and then continued up high and passed Fullerton for the lead with the white flag waving.

Schmidt, showing fantastic determination, raced to first in picking up his first feature win of the summer. Fullerton ran a great race to take second with Mills, LePier and Gajeski making up the to five.

In the makeup feature from July 5, LePier came out on top of a 15-car field., picking up his first win at Bemidji this summer to extend his point lead.

Super Stocks

The final race the Wissota Dirt Track Series Super Stocks on track with Matt Sparby on the pole and Gary Nelson Jr. to his right.

Sparby grabbed the initial lead with Nelson second but on lap two Sparby slid slightly in turn two, enough for Nelson to slip under him to take the lead. On lap three both Tyler Kintner and Andy Davey raced by Sparby for second and third.

Nelson, Kintner, Davey, Sparby, and Chris Molash led the Superstocks to the green flag. As the while flag waved it looked like Nelson was going to pick up another feature win racing around the 3-4 corner in the lead. But it wasn't to be as his car blew its engine coming down the front straight

Kintner and Davey both raced past him with Nelson crossing the finish line third and giving Kintner his first feature win at Bemidji. Following Kintner, Davey, Nelson, Molash and Sparby made up the top five.


Feature - Bret Schmidt, Matt Fullerton, Davey Mills, Bryan LePier, Adam Gajeski, Mike Kuhlman, Tim Jackson, Al Sadek, Gary Nelson Jr, Skyler Smith

Heat 1 - Jackson, LePier, T. Buzewski, C. Dudley, M. Margl

Heat 2 - Kuhlman, Fullerton, Sadek, Tim Carlson, Nelson Jr

Heat 3 - Mills, Matt Sparby, Gajeski, Smith, Doug VanMill

Feature (makeup July 5) - LePier, Nelson Jr, Doug Voss, Sadek, Jackson, Carlson, Sparby, Brandon Smith, Tony Buzenski, VanMill


Feature - Don Bowman, Mike Kuhlman, Scotty Messner

Heat 1 - Messner, Kuhlman, Bowman


Feature - Dalton Carlson, Bill Chaboyea, Corbin Finley, Corey Peterson, Joe Fairbanks, Sadie Niemela, Reggie Wind, Brandon Hilliard

Heat 1 - Fairbanks, Chaboyea, Wind, Carlson, Hilliard


Feature - Billy Smith, Tim Barrett, Neil Fleming, Robert Smith, Lahna Barrett, Billy Foster

Heat 1 - T. Barrett, B Smith, Fleming, R. Smith, L. Barrett


Feature - Doug Voss, Mike Bader, Brandon Bahr, Fran Hauber, John Shulke, Troy Kuehl, Darrin Lawler

Heat 1 - Voss, Bader, Bahr, Hauber, Shulke


Feature - Tyler Kintner, Andy Davey, Gary Nelson Jr, Chris Molash, Matt Sparby, Tal Lucken, Mike Vajdl, Gordie Lancaster

Heat 1 - Davey, Vajdl, Kintner, Nelson Jr, Sparby