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Holiday thrills at Bemidji Speedway

Mod 4 feature winner Mike Bader shares victory lane with his daughters Sunday night at Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

The Fourth of July weekend races at Bemidji Speedway brought out a fine crowd of spectators and nice field of cars on a perfect summer Sunday.

There were four repeat winners but the fifth and last would have to wait until next week. Track officials halted the final race of the night due to dusty conditions when the track's water truck would not function making next Sunday night a double feature night in the Midwest Modifieds.

Pure Stocks

Current point leader Bill Chaboyea lined up on the outside of second place Dalton Carlson for the start of the Pure Stocks feature.

Chaboyea grabbed the lead with Carlson, Corey Peterson, Nichole Davis and Brandon Hilliard trailing in order.

On lap two Hilliard was able to catch and pass Davis for fourth. Carlson powered up on the inside of the 3-4 corner side by side with Chaboyea but could not make the pass late in the race.

Chaboyea drove on to the win maintaining his current one point overall lead in the division. Carlson, Peterson, Hilliard and Davis finished in order.


Once again the track hosted a small group of 4-cylinder front wheel drive Hornets. Jason Kolkin took the lead and never relinquished it winning the feature over Joe Doti and Cody Buchanin.

Mini Stocks

The Mini Stocks were next on track with Jerry Dudley on the pole and Billy Foster outside.

A four wide start found Dudley, Billy Smith, Foster and Tim Barrett all vying for the lead in a wild scramble.

Foster and Barrett spun on the front straight bringing out the caution flag and creating a restart. Foster was sent tailback.

The restart belonged to Smith and he powered to the front of the pack. Barrett was hot on his bumper and going into turn four made contact with Smith causing him to spin and again bringing out the caution flag. Barrett was sent tailback for the restart.

That restart had Smith out front, Dudley, Neil Fleming, Leahna Barrett and Tim Barrett trailing in order. As the green flag waved Fleming dropped back to fifth with a flat left front tire. Smith picked up the hardware with Dudley, Leahna Barrett, Tim Barrett and Fleming finishing in order.

Mod 4's

With the water truck unusable and the track getting very dusty the Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Mod Fours came on track led by John Schulke on the pole and Kevin Bahr to his right.

Schulke took the initial lead over Bahr with Mike Bader, Fran Hauber and Troy Huwe trailing. Bader drove low in turn one pulling up even with Bahr and made the pass.

In turn four Schulke and Bahr made contact creating a spin and bringing out the caution flag, track officials sent Bahr tailback on the contact for the restart.

On the restart, Bader again used the inside line to make the pass of Schulke for the lead and quickly put distance between himself and the rest of the field. But another caution flag waved when Huwe, Bahr and Darrin Lawler tangled with Huwe sent tailback this time for the restart.

Once again a crash in turn one stopped the action with Lawler and Kevin Bahr spinning and then Ev Barrett colliding head on with Bahr this time bringing track emergency personnel onto the track to render assistance.

Barrett suffered a bruised collar bone from her shoulder harness while Bahr was extradited through the top of his car with lower back pain. Both cars were towed to the pits.

The race finally resumed with Bader picking up another win and remain undefeated at Bemidji. Hauber held on for a excellent second place finish with Brandon Bahr picking up a position to finish third. Lawler and Huwe rounded out the top five.

Super Stocks

Several attempts at a start failed in the Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Super Stock feature.

After several lineup changes, Gary Nelson Jr. took the lead over Andy Davey with Mike Vajdl, Tyler Kintner and Rod Peterson trailing.

A three car pack up front pulled out to a small lead over the rest of the field with Nelson, Davey and Vajdl leading the way. The dust was making the track conditions very difficult with a dry slick.

The racers stayed down on the inside of the track for most of the feature until late in the race Davey worked just high enough around Nelson to make a pass on the back straight and take the lead.

From there the field stayed in line with Davey picking up the win. Nelson, Vajdl, Dale Lindell, and Tyler Kintner made up the top five finishers.

Midwest Modifieds

Nineteen Wissota Amsoil Dirt Track Series Midwest Modifieds came on track for what they hoped would be the final feature of the night.

Brandon Smith was on the pole with Doug Voss to his right. As the green flag waved the field of Modifieds flew around the track and on the back straight in a total "dust" out several cars spun and until the dust cleared you could not see what had happened.

For the safety of the drivers the race was postponed until next week making it a double feature night for the Midwest Modifieds.


Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Dalton Carlson, Corey Peterson, Brandon Hilliard, Nichole Davis

Heat - Carlson, Chaboyea, Davis, J. Fairbanks, Peterson


Jason Kolkin, Joe Doti, Cody Buchanin


Feature - Billy Smith, Jerry Dudley, Leahna Barrett, Tim Barrett, Neil Fleming, Billy Foster

Heat - T. Barrett, Smith, Dudley, Fleming, Foster


Feature - Mike Bader, Fran Hauber, Brandon Bahr, Darrin Bahr, Troy Huwe, John Schulke, Kevin Bahr, Ev. Barrett

Heat - Bader, K. Bahr, Hauber, Huwe, Schulke


Feature - Andy Davey, Gary Nelson Jr, Mike Vajdl, Dale Lindell, Tyler Kintner, Rod Peterson, Chris Molash, Matt Sparby, Jerry Davis

Heat - Kintner, Vajdl, Davey, Nelson Jr, Davis


Feature - Postponed until July 12

Heat 1 - B. Schmidt, B. Smith, A. Johnson, D. VanMill, J. Davis

Heat 2 - D. Voss, T. Jackson, T. Carlson, M. Sparby, S. Smith

Heat 3 - B. LePier, G. Nelson Jr, T. Buzewski, R. Schow, M. Schow