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NBC Report: Favre has signed with Vikings

Brett Favre already has been signed by the Minnesota Vikings, who are waiting for the right time to announce it, reported, citing unnamed sources.

Favre's agent, Bus Cook, denied the report in an e-mail to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, writing "no contract."

PFT said that it was tipped off by an officer with the U.S. military serving in Afghanistan, and later another unnamed source said, "I will not deny it either, I will leave it at that."

The officer also said that the Vikings have authorized Reebok to begin producing Favre jerseys, a report that also was not denied by the second source.

On Friday, Vikings coach Brad Childress said that Favre is "pain-free right now" but would not say whether the team would definitely re-sign the retired quarterback, the St. Paul Pioneer-Press reported.