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Perfect weather brightens Sunday Speedway card

Racers and fans enjoyed picture-perfect conditions for Sunday's races at the Bemidji Speedway.

It was Drug Awareness Resistance Education Night at the Speedway, with DARE officers on hand to meet with the kids.

During intermission, fans were allowed on the track to meet their favorite drivers and get autographs. Ten bikes were given away to kids donated by the Bemidji Wrestling Club, Barrett Racing and Dudley racing teams.

This week the Speedway will host the Pure Stock series race along with all the regular classes and it will be Boys and Girls Club Night. All Boys and Girls Club members will be admitted free with their ID card.

Track conditions for the races were excellent all night with the track turning black creating multiple race lanes and some of the best racing action of the summer.

Two repeat winners and four first time winners at Bemidji enjoyed victory lane.

Bemidji Streets

The first feature was the Bemidji Streets with Mike Kuhlman on the pole and Dustin Puffe outside.

Kuhlman powered into the lead with Puffe, Scotty Messner, Don Bowman and Aaron Blacklance trailing. Messner raced high in turn two and made a clean pass of Puffe on the back straight for second. Messner slowly reeled the leader in but could not make the final pass as Kuhlman took the checkered flag for the win, his second of the summer. Messner, Bowman, Blacklance and Puffe trailed in order.

Pure Stocks

Corey Peterson and Bill Chaboyea lined up next to each other for the start of the Pure Stock feature with Chaboyea taking the lead. Joe Fairbanks, Dalton Carlson, and Nicole Davis trailed.

Chaboyea stayed out front to pick up his first win.

Mini Stocks

Newcomer Dustin Knutson and Tim Barrett led the Mini Stocks on track where Knutson took control racing into the first turn.

Barrett slid high in turn two and Chris Dudley raced in to second. Billy Smith also got by Barrett to take third dropping Barrett to fourth. Derek Wangberg finished in fifth.

Knutson picked up his first feature win at Bemidji.

Mod 4's

The Wissota Amsoil Dirt Track Series Mod 4's were next up with Darrin Lawler and Kevin Bahr leading the way. Bahr grabbed the lead down the front straight with son Brandon Bahr charging into second. Ev Barrett, Mike Bader and Fran Hauber made up the top five early in the race. Barrett drove high in turn four and made the pass of Brandon Bahr for second before a restart was needed for a spin on the back straight sending Hauber tailback.

On the restart Bader charged inside Barrett but Barrett charged back on the back straight and regained the back up spot into the 3-4 corners.

Bader again made the pass of Barrett and began to chase down the leader Bahr. In turn two Bader took the lead and cruised to his fourth feature win. Kevin Bahr, Fran Hauber, Barrett and Darrin Lawler made up the top five finishers.

Super Stocks

The Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Super Stocks charged onto the track for the next feature with Gary Davis and Rod Peterson leading the way.

Peterson grabbed the early lead with Andy Davey, Davis, Gary Nelson Jr, and Tyler Kintner trailing.

Peterson was challenged early by Davey with Nelson and Kintner also in the mix. With the track surface smooth and fast several lanes had developed and at developed times three wide racing for the Davey raced up door to door with Peterson, Kintner was on his bumper but Peterson again held of the challenge.

With Peterson and Davey locked in battle Nelson charged out to the high side and passed Davey and then with a three wide battle around the track came out in front for the lead..

Peterson faded to fifth as Mike Vajdl charged up from his fourth row start to join the leaders.

Nelson held on to the lead and took the checkered flag with Davey, Vajdl, Kintner, and Peterson filling out the top five .

Midwest Modifieds

The final race brought 16 Amsoil Dirt Track Series Wissota Midwest Modifieds on track.

Brian Bourquin held the pole with John Sharpnack outside. The race didn't take long to get exciting as Dustin Strand and Bret Schmidt charged by the front row leaders to begin a race-long duel for the lead. The first caution flag was waved early sending past champion Jerry Esler tail back and bringing the tow truck out for Jason Davis.

Racing resumed with Strand, Schmidt, Tim Jackson, Brian LePier, and Sharpnack leading the pack. The top four raced lap after lap bumper to bumper before LePier raced high and made the pass of Jackson while Sharpnack dropped further into the pack.

Schmidt chased Strand high and low. Many times he was able to race up door to door and at times even nose ahead. But Strand held his line and stayed out front.

Several caution flags came out late in the race with Voss pitting for repairs and Davey Mills and Skyler Smith sent tailback.

With the green flag waving, Strand held off the final charge by Schmidt to win in fantastic racing action on the quarter-mile oval. Schmidt, LePier, Jackson and Nelson Jr made up the top five ending a great night of racing.

Bemidji Streets

Mike Kuhlman, Scotty Messner, Don Bowman, Aaron Blacklance, Dustin Puffe

Heat - Messner, Blacklance, Kuhlman, Bowman, Puffe

Pure Stocks

Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Corey Peterson, Joe Fairbanks, Dalton Carlson, Wade Schmidt, Nicole Davis, Cole Isensee, Brandon Hilliard

Heat - Chaboyea, Fairbanks, Carlson, Schmidt, Peterson

Mini Stocks

Feature - Dustin Knutson, Chris Dudley, Billy Smith, Tim Barrett, Derek Wangberg, Neil Fleming, Lahna Barrett, Billy Foster, Kenneth Hodgen, Joe Doti

Heat - Knutson, Dudley, T. Barrett, Smith, Wangberg

Mod 4's

Feature - Mike Bader, Kevin Bahr, Fran Hauber, Ev Barrett, Darrin Lawler, John Shulke, Brandon Bahr

Heat - Bader, B. Bahr, Hauber, K. Bahr, Lawler

Super Stocks

Feature - Gary Nelson Jr, Andy Davey, Mike Vajdl, Tyler Kintner, Rod Peterson, Matt Sparby, Tal Lucken, Dale Lindell, Chris Molash, Jerry Davis

Heat 1 - Davey, Vajdl, Peterson, Davis, Lucken

Heat 2 - Sparby, Kintner, Nelson, Lindell, Molash

Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Dustin Strand, Bret Schmidt, Bryan LePier, Tim Jackson, Gary Nelson Jr., Adam Johnson, Al Sadek, Tim Carlson, Davey Mills, Brian Bourquin,

Heat 1 - Jerry Esler, Schmidt, J. Sharpnack, Bourquin, Johnson

Heat 2 - Strand, LePier, Mills, Jackson, Doug Voss

Point Standings

Midwest Modifieds

1. Bryan LePier 158

2. Tim Jackson 149

3. Gary Nelson Jr 146

4. Jerry Esler 145

5. Skyler Smith 144

6. Al Sadek Sr 144

7. Adam Johnson 143

8. Matt Fullerton 139

9. Bret Schmidt 136

10. Doug Voss 136

Super Stocks

1. Mike Vajdl 152

2. Tyler Kintner 152

3. Gary Nelson Jr 148

4. Matt Sparby 147

5. Andy Davey 139

6. Chris Molash 129

7. Dale Lindell 95

8. Tal Lucken 85

9. Jerry Davis 78

10. Jay Kintner 49

Mod 4's

1. Mike Bader 165

2. Brandon Bahr 148

3. Fran Hauber 147

4. Kevin Bahr 145

5. John Schulke 144

6. Darrin Lawler 132

7. Ev Barrett 130

Pure Stocks

1. Corey Peterson 157

2. Dalton Carlson 154

3. Bill Chaboyea 150

4. Joe Fairbanks 147

5. Wade Schmidt 146

6. Brandon Hilliard 137

7. Sadie Niemela 133

8. Chris Isensee 97

9. Nicole Davis 90

10. Keith Koski 47

Mini Stocks

1. Chris Dudley 159

2. Billy Smith 157

3. Neil Fleming 145

4. Tim Barrett 143

5. Leahna Barrett 133

6. Cory Oestreich 129

7. Scott Nelson 129

8. Billy Foster 122

9. Derek Wangberg 90