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Five new winners at Speedway

Mike Kuhlman won the Bemidji Streets feature Sunday at the Bemidji Speedway. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

Five new winners and one repeat from week one highlighted the races Sunday night.

In contrast to a week of cold, wet and dreary weather Sunday night's races at Bemidji Speedway couldn't have been any better. Along with the regular classes the Bemidji Streets made their 2009 debut.

Next weekend will feature two days of racing on Sunday and Monday with two complete shows featuring the Wissota Mod Fours running for an increased purse. The Vintage racers will also be on hand to entertain the race fans.

Pure Stocks

Corey Peterson started the Pure Stock feature on the pole and drove his #7 pure stock to the lead and stayed out front to pick up his first ever feature win. Joe Fairbanks followed Peterson across the finish line with Wade Schmidt, Brandon Hilliard and last weeks winner Dalton Carlson fifth.

Mini Stocks

Billy Smith used his front row outside starting position to take over the back up spot behind pole sitter and early leader Tim Barrett at the start of the mini stock race.

Last week's winner Chris Dudley pulled into third where he stayed throughout the race. Smith raced inside in turn two to take the lead on the second lap and held on for the win. Barrett, Dudley, Scott Nelson, and Lahna Barrett trailed the leaders.

Street Stocks

Heat winner Don Bowman held the pole with Mike Kuhlman to his right for the start of the street feature. Bowman powered his #38 street out front at the green flag with Kuhlman, Scott Messner, Dave Wittner and Dustin Puffe trailing.

On lap two Kuhlman drove high around Bowman into the lead down the front straight.. The field held positions most of the race until the final lap when Messner dove low out of the final turn and raced past Bowman to the finish line taking the second position.

Kuhlman picked up the feature win with Messner, Bowman, Wittner, and Puffe crossing in order behind him.

Mod Fours

The Amsoil Dirt Series Wissota Mod Fours came on track led by John Schulke and Fran Hauber.

Hauber took the initial lead with Schulke, Brandon Bahr, Kevin Bahr and Mike Bader trailing.

Schulke slid up high in the first turn and Bahr made the early pass for second.

Hauber held a five car length lead over Brandon Bahr with Bader making his move passing Schulke and then again going inside beating Bahr for second.

A lap later Bader again challenged for the lead down low and took the lead to cruise to his second win in two weeks.

Brandon Bahr, Schulke, Hauber and Kevin Bahr made up the top five.

Midwest Modifieds

The largest field of the night again was the Midwest Modifieds with 17 cars led by Matt Fullerton and Jerry Esler.

The two raced side by side for most of a lap before Esler took control. Fullerton dropped in behind Esler with Doug Voss, Tim Jackson and Al Sadek in close contention.

On the move from the last row at the start Dustin Strand was weaving through the traffic gaining ground on the leaders until he got behind Skyler Smith where the two young stars dueled for the top five position.

Following a caution Strand raced inside with his left front wheel high in the air as the traction improved taking the fifth spot from Smith.

With the checkered flag waving for Esler, Strand raced hard into the fourth corner and came out in front of Jackson for third. Esler picked up his first win with Fullerton racing a fine race for second. Strand, Jackson and Voss rounded out the top five.

Super Stocks

The final race of the night brought the Super Stocks on track led by Mike Vajdl on the pole and Tyler Kintner outside.

Vajdl took the lead at the start with Andy Davey, Kintner, Gary Nelson Jr, and Chris Molash trailing before the first caution slowed the race with two supers towed to the pits.

Racing resumed with the top four running bumper to bumper and hugging the inside line.

Nelson found room and made a pass for third as Davey gave a try for the lead on the back straight but Vajdl held his position.

Davey didn't let up the pressure as he raced high and low looking for an opening which never came. Vajdl took the checkered flag first with Davey, Nelson Jr, Kintner and Molash trailing in order.

Pure Stock Feature - Corey Peterson, Joe Fairbanks, Wade Schmidt, Brandon Hilliard, Dalton Carlson, Bill Chaboyea, Sadie Niemela

Heat 1 - Chaboyea, Fairbanks, Carlson, Peterson, Schmidt

Mini Stock Feature - Billy Smith, Tim Barrett, Chris Dudley, Scott Nelson, Lahna Barrett, Derek Wangberg, Neil Fleming, Corey Oestrich, Billy Foster

Heat 1 - Smith, Fleming, Dudley, L. Barrett, T. Barrett

Street Stock Feature - Mike Kuhlman, Scott Messner, Don Bowman, Dave Wittner, Dustin Puffe, Dan Severson, Tyler Wilson, Nathan Pederson

Heat 1 - Bowman, Kuhlman, Messner, Wittner, Puffe

Wissota Mod Four Feature - Mike Bader, Brandon Bahr, John Shulke, Fran Hauber, Kevin Bahr, Ev Barrett, Darrin Lawler

Heat 1 - Bader, Hauber, B. Bahr, Shulke, K. Bahr

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature - Jerry Esler, Matt Fullerton, Dustin Strand, Tim Jackson, Doug Voss, Bryan LePier, Davey Mills, Al Sadek, Skyler Smith, Brett Schmidt.

Heat 1 - LePier, Mills, Nelson Jr, A. Johnson, T. Carlson

Heat 2 - Jackson, Fullerton, Esler, Schmidt, B. Bourquin

Heat 3 - Voss, Sadek, Smith, B. Caul, A. Johnson

Wissota Super Stock Feature - Mike Vajdl, Andy Davey, Gary Nelson Jr, Tyler Kintner, Chris Molash, Matt Sparby, Brian Bernotas, Tal Lucken

Heat 1 - B. Bernotas, Vajdl, Kintner, Nelson, Lucken