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BHS track and field: Oelrich, McGriff, Hunt have good showings for Jacks at Lions Invite

Bemidji's Zac Oelrich defeated Shane Harlow of Grand Forks Central by four seconds to win the boys 1600 meter run at the Lions Invitational Friday. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Grand Forks Red River won its first outright crown while Grand Rapids won its fifth at Friday's Lions Invitational track meet at BSU.

Red River, which tied Bemidji for the 1999 crown, took the boys division handily stopping Bemidji 170-86.5 in a 15 team field.

Grand Rapids won its fourth straight girls title and fifth overall with 95 points to 76 for Red River.

Tuesday's blizzard swelled the once four-team field to 15 and what promised to be a quick event lingered through seven hours. It attracted 1.184 athletes to compete.

The Roughriders won four track events and two relays but piled up points in bunches in almost every event.

They swept five of the six spots in the 55 broken only by a fourth place by Bemidji's Travis Greenwaldt.

And they won two or three scoring berths in many others.

Bemidji was again led by Nate McGriff who won the long jump and anchored the 4 x 2 relay which took second, He ran the second leg on the 4 x 4 which finished third but was held out of the 200 with a foot in jury.

Bemidji also was missing Erik Truedson in the 1600 and 3200, also with a minor injury.

He is expected back Tuesday for the Little Amik-II.

Derek Davis made it two wins in a row in the high jump, clearing 6-0.

Zac Oelrich won the 1600 and anchored the second place 4 x 8 relay while Greenwaldt added a second fourth in the 200 to match in his 55 finish.

Ryan Todhunter of Red River won MVP honors, taking the 55, hurdles and 200 and anchored the winning 4 x 2 relay for 32½ points., He set meet records in the hurdles and relay.

The feat was more impressive by the fact that the hurdles and 55 dash finals were consecutive events.

He was the division's only multiple winner.

Bemidji also had a third from Alex Schoneberger in the 800 seconds from Joe Kingery in the high and triple jumps, a seventh from Luke Bruns in the pole vault and eighth from Chris Bowman in the 3200.

Kingery's 16 points was the team's top effort.

The girls division was far closer with Grand Rapids coming on strong late to pull away. East Grand Forks, Bagley/Fosston and Bemidji rounded out the top five.

For the third straight meet, Analisa Hueschle of Bagley/Fosston took MVP honors winning the long jump and triple jump, anchoring the winning 4 x 2 relay and taking a close second in the 55.

She well try for a complete sweep of the indoor events Tuesday.

Ashley Tingelstad and BHS bound Jaclyn Scanlan of East Grand Forks were other multiple winners, Tingelstad taking the 55 and 400 and Scanlan the 800 and 1600.

But the Rapids won on depth. The Hawks won the 200, shot put and two relays but piled up points steadily in most events.

For Bemidji, Amanda Hunt tied for first in the high jump with Bagley/Fosston's Rachel Bennett at 5-0 with Emily Julin of the Flyers taking third.

Bemidji had 2-3-4 finished in the three relays for 19 of its points. Bailey Drewes was third and Kim Truedson sixth in the 1600. Abby Hendricks was second in the hurdles. Jessy Bruns was second and Jenna Sagedahl fifth in the triple jump for another 12 points. Tiffany Mason took fourth in the pole vault.

Lions Invite - 4/3/2009

Lions Invite

Bemidji State University

Girls 55 Meter Dash Preliminaries

1, Tingelstad, Ashley, East Grand F, 7.31q. 2, Huschle, Analisa, Bagley/Fosst,

7.40q. 3, Mattson, Lindsy, Grand Rapids, 7.61q. 4, Shabb, Carolyn, GF Red

River, 7.87q. 5, Knoell, Caitln, GF Red River, 7.88q. 6, Thelen, Rachel, Park

Rapids, 7.89q. 7, Peterson, Lauren, Deer River/N, 7.99. 8, Koss, Brittany,

Grand Rapids, 8.02. 9, Olson, Courtney, Internationa, 8.13. 10, Fee, Rebecca,

GF Central, 8.14. 11, Vickerman, Alexandra, Deer River/N, 8.15. 12, Glass,

Serena, Bemidji, 8.17. 13, Kelly, Hayley, Roseau, 8.19. 14, Taylor, Shannon,

Park Rapids, 8.21. 15, Posch, Kendra, Detroit Lake, 8.21. 16, Vaudrin, Mady,

Park Rapids, 8.24. 17, Lund, Sydney, GF Central, 8.24. 18, Epema, Hayley,

Crookston, 8.27. 19, Robinson, Jasmine, GF Red River, 8.34. 20, Weymier,

Katie, GF Red River, 8.35. 21, Cole, Megan, New York Mil, 8.36. 22, Sanders,

Paige, Crookston, 8.40. 23, Erholtz, Emma, Detroit Lake, 8.43. 24, Folkers,

Taylor, Crookston, 8.43. 25, Thielen, Shannon, Park Rapids, 8.44. 26, Knott,

Jerika, Park Rapids, 8.45. 27, McBurney, Katie, Park Rapids, 8.53. 28, Quinn,

Maggie, Grand Rapids, 8.56. 29, Mlodzik, Kristin, Roseau, 8.56. 30, Velishek,

Donna, Deer River/N, 8.57. 31, Sansburn, Hayley, GF Central, 8.57. 32,

Ullyott, Hannah, Detroit Lake, 8.58. 33, Altman, Bailey, GF Central, 8.59. 34,

Malvick, Brittany, Detroit Lake, 8.59. 35, Emanuel, Keelee, Crookston, 8.59.

36, Simonson, Olivia, GF Red River, 8.60. 37, Jorgensen, Jana, GF Red River,

8.63. 37, Menze, Brittnie, New York Mil, 8.63. 39, Polley, Jenna, Park Rapids,

8.65. 40, Creager, Emily, Park Rapids, 8.73. 41, Stumo, Jessi, Grand Rapids,

8.73. 42, Anderson, Makenzie, Bagley/Fosst, 8.75. 43, Rostvold, Lynn, Grand

Rapids, 8.79. 44, Sharpe, Kirsten, Bemidji, 8.79. 44, Thingelstad, Laura, GF

Central, 8.79. 46, Hill, Danielle, Park Rapids, 8.86. 47, Zavoral, Elizabeth,

Badger Green, 8.87. 48, Swartz, Ann, Bemidji, 8.89. 49, Cosca, Courtney,

Bagley/Fosst, 8.89. 50, Osburnsen, Taylor, Deer River/N, 8.91. 51, Fischer,

Hannah, Park Rapids, 8.92. 52, Young, Alayna, Park Rapids, 8.92. 53, Rittgers,

Justine, Park Rapids, 8.94. 54, Pemberton, Jaysha, Bagley/Fosst, 8.95. 55,

Goodwater, Heather, Park Rapids, 8.96. 56, Peterson, Taylor, GF Central, 8.97.

57, Loop, Katie, Internationa, 8.99. 58, Daniels, Kelsea, Internationa, 9.09.

59, Helmbrecht, Jade, Grand Rapids, 9.10. 60, Eischens, Brittany, Detroit

Lake, 9.10. 61, Burrack, Jesse, Bagley/Fosst, 9.17. 62, Davidson, Ashli,

Badger Green, 9.18. 63, Clarksean, Izzy, New York Mil, 9.31. 64, Raboin,

Sydney, Internationa, 9.41. 65, Chritianson, Hannah, Bagley/Fosst, 9.41. 66,

Medicraft, Kathryn, Roseau, 9.44. 67, Simpson, Jill, Park Rapids, 9.44. 68,

Rogers, Laura, Bemidji, 9.48. 69, Hodson, Kate, Bemidji, 9.51. 70, Pasch,

Oriana, GF Central, 9.51. 71, Abraham, Leah, Bagley/Fosst, 9.56. 72, Lockett,

Mary, GF Central, 9.57. 73, Umber, Desiree, Badger Green, 9.59. 74, Anderson,

Jessi, Park Rapids, 9.63. 75, Stewart, Morgan, GF Central, 9.76. 76,

Nakaashima, Keiko, Crookston, 9.80. 77, Walls, Kristy, Internationa, 9.92. 78,

Hargreaves, Meagan, Bagley/Fosst, 9.98. 78, Abelgaard, Samantha, Bagley/Fosst,

9.98. 80, Rhen, Hailey, Bagley/Fosst, 10.18. 81, Annociata, Niyonsaba, GF Red

River, 10.31. 82, Deitchler, Savanna, Park Rapids, 10.67. 83, Dickinson,

Ashley, Park Rapids, 10.96.

Girls 55 Meter Dash Finals