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BHS swimmers roll to victory over Warroad

The Bemidji High swim team rolled to its third straight dual meet win, stopping visiting Warroad 114-72 at the Aquatics Center Tuesday night.

It was the only start this week for Bemidji which hosts Park Rapids next Tuesday in its next meet.

The meet was close through the early stages until the Bemidji depth began to tell the tale.

Warroad took then opening medley but Bemidji came back to win the 200 free with Kaleigh Frey to top a 1-2-4 finish.

The IM went to Jenna Thompson of Warroad with Bemidji going 2-3-4 to add two points to its lead.

Maris Jahner led a 1-3-4 finish in the 50 for another five point lead.

Warroad got two points back in diving won by Kayla Colden with Tayler Heinle second and Jana Hedstrom and Hailey Erickson 4-5.

Warroad's Cecilia Christiansen took the fly where Bemidji went 2-3-4 to add two points.

Selina Gilbertson, Danielle Luby and Kirsten Sharpe finished 1-3-4 in the 100 free. Katie Verchota, Amy Mahle and Marie Pugleasa went 2-3-4 in the 500 behind Warroad's Thompson who became the first double winner of the night.

Frey, Jahner, Verchota and Gilbertson led the 200 free relay where Bemidji had a 1-3 finish for six more points.

Luby led a 1-3-4 finish in the backstroke and Alicia Papke-Larson, Kayla Dahedl and Tayler Mclean went 2-3-4 in the breaststroke for another two point Bemidji event.

Bemidji0 had the meet in hand and closed strong with Frey, Papke-Larson, Verchota and Gilbertson taking the 400 free relay to put the icing on the cake.

Bemidji won the JV meet 108-32. Details of that meet will be in Thursday's sports section.



200 medley relay (2:03.24) 1. Wrd (Tyler-Thompson-Christiansen-Sylvester); 2. Bem (Luby-Dahedl-Jahner-Sharpe); 3. Bem (Hassson-Papke-Larson-Frosake-Heinle)

200 f.s. (2:08.50) 1. Frey, Bem; 2. Verchota, Bem; 3. Sylvester, Wrd; 4. Yourd, Bem; 5. Scheef, Wrd.

200 IM (2:2691) 1. Thompson, Wrd; 2.Gilbertson, Bem; 3. Mahle, Bem; 4. Papke-Larson, .Bem; 5. Scheef, Wrd.

50 f.s. (27.53) 1. Jahner, Bem; 2. Tyler, Wrd; 3. Sharpe, Bem; 4. Hasson, Bem; 5. Johnston, Wrd.

Diving (172.95) 1. Colden, Wrd; 2. Heinle, Bem; 3. Hahn, Wrd; 4.. Hedstrom, Bem; 5. Erickson, Bem.

100 fly (1:08.57) Christiansen, Wrd; 2. Jahner, Bem; 3. Collison, Bem; 4. Frosaker, Bem; 5. Scheef, Wrd.

100 f.s.(57.46) 1. Gilbertson, Bem; 2. Bahnmiller, Wrd' 3. Luby, Bem; 4. Sharpe, Bem; 5. Johnston, Wrd.

500 f.s.(5:51.78) 1. Thomspon, Wrd; 2. Verchota, Bem; 3. Mahle, Bem; 4. Pugleasa,. Bem; 5. Montebello, Wrd.

200 f.s. relay (1:47.02) 1. Bem (Frey-Jahner-Verchota-Gilbertson); 2.Wrd; 3. Bem B (Hasson-Heinle-Yourd-Mahle)

100 back (1:11.01) 1. Luby, Bem; 2. Tyler, Wrd; 3. Frey, Bem; 4. Hasson, Bem; 5. Bahnmiller, Wrd.

100 breast (1:20.85) 1. Christiansen, Wrd; 2. Papke-Larson, Bem; 3. Dahedl, Bem; 4. Mclean, Bem; 5. Sylvester, Wrd.

400 f.s. relay (3:58.10) 1.Bem. (Frey-Papke-Larson-Verchota-Gilbertson);'2.Wrd;3.Be,-B (Yourd-Luby-Sharpe-Mahle)