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Bemidji Speedway crowns track champions

DENNIS PETERSON | SPECIAL TO THE PIONEER The Midwest Modified drivers were bunched as they raced through the turn during Sunday's races. Among the drivers were Trent Dyrdahl (No. 33), Rick Jacobson (No. 18), Davey Mills (No. 22), Gary James Nelson (No. 74) and Doyle Erickson.

BEMIDJI -- In the sizzling heat and humidity Sunday night, Bemidji Speedway held its final regular show for points of the summer. Champions were crowned in each of the five classes. The racing season will end in Bemidji with the Annual Paul Bunyan Stampede scheduled for Sept. 28-29.

Mini Stocks

The mini stocks were led on track by point leader Jenny Watrud with Danny Brown to her right. Jenny Watrud sped to the front and held off Danny Brown and a hard charging Chris Dudley in the end to win the feature and also secure her first "Track Championship" in the Mini Stocks.

Pure Stocks

A dozen drivers entered the feature led by Jessie Barnum on the pole and Josh Berg to his right. Berg charged into the lead at the green flag and drove to a clean sweep and his third feature win of the summer. Weston Ramsrud, having built up a sizeable point lead during the summer, claimed his first "Track Championship" in the pure stock class.

Super Stocks

Keith Keena grabbed the lead early in the race and maintained it through two cautions and restarts, holding off Rick Jacobson at the end. Keena won his first ever feature race but Jacobson, with a first heat win and second in the feature, secured his spot as the season points champion.

Midwest Modified

As rain drops began to dampen the track Rick Jacobson jumped up into second, trailing only Skyler Smith. The battle for first continued and, after several laps in turns three and four, Jacobson made the pass on the inside. Smith stayed up high and Doyle Erickson also made the pass to take over second as the race came to an end with Jacobson picking up his second feature win in two weeks. Erickson's second-place finish secured his spot as the season points champion.

Mod Four

As the Mod Fours came on track the skies opened with rain and hail cancelling the final feature of the night.

Dennis Peterson

Special to the Pioneer

Speedway Results

Mini Stock Feature — Jenny Watrud, Danny Brown, Chris Dudley

Heat — D. Brown, C. Dudley, J. Watrud, R. Church

Pure Stock Feature — Josh Berg, Sterling Knaeble, Gary Nelson Sr., Al Sadek Jr., Chad Puschinsky, Jessie Barnum, Joel Harvey, Jessie Lutgen, Kevin Baumgarner, Weston Ramsrud, Brian Veta

Heat 1 — J. Berg, S. Knaeble, J. Harvey, J. Barnum, J. Lutgen

Heat 2 — C. Puschinsky, W. Ramsrud, G. Nelson Sr., K. Baumgarner, A. Sadek Jr.

Wissota Super Stock Feature — Keith Keena, Rick Jacobson, Gary Nelson Jr., Nathan Higginbotham, Blake Higginbotham, Matt Sparby

Heat — R. Jacobson, G. Nelson Jr., B. Higginbotham, N. Higginbotham, K. Keena, M. Sparby

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature — Rick Jacobson, Doyle Erickson, Skyler Smith, Matt Fullerton, Matt Schow, Gary James Nelson, Brandon Bahr, Justin Olson, Trent Dyrdahl, Davey Mills, Ryan Oppegaard, Ron Reed

Heat 1 — S. Smith, R. Jacobson, T. Dyrdahl, G. J. Nelson, J. Olson

Heat 2 — M. Schow, M. Fullerton, D. Erickson, D. Mills, J. Lene

Wissota Mod Four Feature — Cancelled

Heat — Mike Margl, C. Schwinn, S. Dyrdahl, T. Stranger, C. Brown