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Young fans have great time at Bemidji Speedway

DENNIS PETERSON | SPECIAL TO THE PIONEER Jessie Lutgen (No. 54), Kevin Baumgarner and Sterling Knaeble (No. 18) battle for position during Sunday's Pure Stock action.

BEMIDJI -- Bicycles and scooters were given away along with rides in a Mustang convertible pace car before each feature. It was "Kids' Night" at the speedway and the young racing fans had a blast. The bikes and scooters were donated by the racers to make Sunday a special night remember.

On the track three first-time winners collected trophies including Josh Berg in the Pure Stocks, Tyler Larson in the Mod Fours and Matt Fullerton in the Midwest Modifieds. Also picking up wins were Ricky Jacobson in the Super Stocks and Desmond Berndt in the Minis.

Mini Stocks

Point leader Jenny Watrud started on the pole and took the early lead but outside front row starter Desmond Berndt was able to race high around both Watrud and Rick Watson coming out of turn four on the last lap to claim his second feature win of the summer at Bemidji. Watson took second with Rebecca Church, Andrew Hanson and Watrud trailing.

Bemidji Pure Stocks

Several cautions slowed the action and on the second restart Josh Berg raced inside next to the leader Gary Nelson and, after some excellent side by side racing, took the lead. Ramsrud was also able to move up and get by Nelson and Sadek to finish second. Berg took the checkered flag and his first-ever feature win in the Pure Stocks. Ramsrud came in second with Nelson, Chad Puschinsky and Kevin Baumgarner in the top five.

Super Stocks

Following a restart Ricky Jacobson powered into the lead and never looked back in collecting his fourth feature of the summer. Blake Higginbotham and Andy LaBarge put on a good show battling side-by-side for second and third before Gary Nelson Jr. was able to intercept the two and take third, moving Higginbotham back to fourth just ahead of Nathan Higginbotham at the finish line.

Midwest Modifieds

An excellent field of 14 Midwest Modifieds powered onto the track led by Matt Fullerton and Trent Dyrdahl. The race belonged to Fullerton as he held his ground and took the checkered flag. Dyrdahl finished a strong second with Bret Schmidt, Skyler Smith and Doyle Erickson in the top five.

Mod Fours

After a restart caused by a spin-out, Tyler Larson wasted no time in threading his car low in the corner to pass Conrad Schwinn for second and began to chase the leader, Scott Dyrdahl. Racing nose-to-tail the two raced around the track and in the 3-4 corner and Larson took the lead, again using the inside line. Larson picked up his first feature of the summer at Bemidji. Dyrdahl finished second but was later disqualified which moved Mike Margl into second followed by Schwinn, Tonja Stranger and Craig Moore.

Sunday's Results

Mini Stock Feature -- Desmond Berndt, Rick Watson, Rebecca Church, Andrew Hanson, Jenny Watrud

Heat -- D. Berndt, J. Watrud, A. Hanson, R. Church

Bemidji Pure Stock Feature -- Josh Berg, Weston Ramsrud, Gary Nelson, Chad Puschinsky, Kevin Baumgarner, Al Sadek Jr., Jay Lutgen, Jessie Lutgen

Heat -- A. Sadek Jr., W. Ramsrud, S. Knaeble, G. Nelson, J. Berg, J. Lutgen, K. Baumgarner, Jessie Lutgen

Wissota Super Stock Feature -- Rick Jacobson, Andy LaBarge, Gary Nelson Jr., Blake Higginbotham, Nathan Higginbotham, Keith Keena, Rick Watson, Matt Sparby

Heat --- M. Sparby, R. Jacobson, G. Nelson Jr., B. Higginbotham, A. LaBarge, N. Higginbotham, K. Keena

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature -- Matt Fullerton, Trent Dyrdahl, Bret Schmidt, Skyler Smith, Doyle Erickson, Gary James Nelson, Ron Reed, James Wall, Lon Vettleson, Ken Perry, Jerad Lene, Adam Johnson

Heat 1 -- B. J. Nelson, J. Wall, T. Dyrdahl, S. Smith, L. Vettleson, J. Lene, K. Perry

Heat 2 -- B. Schmidt, D. Erickson, B. Bahr, M. Fullerton, R. Reed, A. Johnson, D. Lawler

Wissota Mod Four Feature --- Tyler Larson, Mike Margl, Conrad Schwinn, Tonja Stranger, Craig Moore

Heat -- C. Schwinn, T. Larson, M. Margl, S. Dyrdahl, T. Stranger, C. Moore