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Bemidji youth baseball teams advance to region tournaments

BEMIDJI -- Bemidji's 12-year-old Cal Ripken baseball team advanced to this week's Midwest Region baseball tournament in Burlington, Colo. by winning the state tournament over the weekend in Bemidji. The brackets will be determined later this week but Bemidji will open its region competition 9 a.m. Friday (MDT).

The 11-year-old Cal Ripken team also gained a berth in its Midwest Regional by finishing second to Waite Park over the weekend in the state tournament hosted by Waite Park. Because Waite Park also is hosting the regional, the runner-up from the state tournament also qualified for the region so Bemidji will make a return visit to Waite Park this week.

Bemidji's 10-year-old Cal Ripken team finished third in its state tournament which was held in Baxter.

The 12-year-old squad was unbeaten in its state competition. Bemidji opened with an 8-2 victory over Moorhead and continued its journey to the state title by downing Osseo 12-2, Pequot Lakes 9-5 and East Grand Forks 11-1.

The 11-year-old team went 2-2 at the state, losing twice to Waite Park. In its opener Bemidji outlasted Moorhead 9-7 but it fell 10-1 to Waite Park in the championship-bracket final.

Bemidji earned another shot at Waite Park by tripping Baxter 7-6 but in the final Bemidji lost 6-2 to Waite Park.

The 10-year-old team also went 2-2 at its state tournament. Bemidji opened with a 13-0 win over Baxter and a 4-3 victory over Aitken. Waite Park blanked Bemidji 10-0 and Aitken eliminated Bemidji 6-3 in the loser's-bracket final.

Note: The Bemidji Youth Baseball program would welcome any financial donations to help offset the costs of sending the teams to Colorado and to Waite Park. Contributions can be sent to: BYL, Box 1533, Bemidji, Minn., 56619

Cal Ripken State Tournaments

10-year-olds, Baxter

Bemidji's Results

Bemidji 13, Baxter 0

Bemidji 4, Aitken 3

Waite Park 10, Bemidji 0

Aitken 6, Bemidji 3

11-year-olds, Waite Park

Championship Bracket

Waite Park Blue 11, Moorhead black 0

Moorhead Orange 13, Waite Park Red 7

Waite Park Blue 6, Baxter 1

Bemidji 9, Moorhead Orange 7

Waite Park Blue 10, Bemidji 1

Elimination Games

Moorhead Black 8, Moorhead Orange 5

Baxter 15, Waite Park Red 0

Baxter 13, Moorhead Black 2

Bemidji 7, Baxter 6


Waite Park Blue 6, Bemidji 2

Note: Bemidji advanced to Midwest Regional which begins Thursday in Waite Park.

12-year-olds, Bemidji

Championship Bracket

East Grand Forks 10, Roseau 0

Bemidji 8, Moorhead 2

Pequot Lakes 6, East Grand Forks 0

Bemidji 12, Osseo 2

Bemidji 9, Pequot Lakes 5

Elimination Games

Roseau 13, Osseo 9

East Grand Forks 10, Moorhead 0

East Grand Forks 10, Roseau 0

East Grand Forks 9, Pequot Lakes 5


Bemidji 11, East Grand Forks 1

Note: Bemidji advanced to Midwest Regional which begins Thursday in Burlington, Colo.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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