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Jacobson claims two features at Bemidji Speedway

BEMIDJI — Our country traditionally celebrates its Independence Day on July 4 with fireworks but at Bemidji Speedway Sunday night the fireworks started a few days early.

With the best car count of the summer and a great grandstand it looked like it was going to be a good night of racing. It also was DARE Kids Night at the track and DARE officers Ron Lebya and Harlan Johnson were on hand to educate the youngsters.

On the track the fireworks really exploded with two rollovers and a third near rollover. Ricky Jacobson was a double winner picking up wins in both the Wissota Midwest Modifieds and Super Stocks.

Mini Stocks

The feature provided the first rollover of the night when Wayne Brown hooked his rear wheel over the edge of turn two and rolled about eight times down the embankment. He emerged a little stiff but okay.

Tim LaVoi came from last to first to pick up another feature win and remain undefeated at Bemidji Speedway this summer. Danny Brown, Sue Berg and Jenny Watrud finished behind LaVoi.

Pure Stocks

About midway through the feature the second rollover of the night occurred when Josh Berg’s car got too far over the edge of turn two, hooked and rolled down the back of the high banked turn. Berg was unhurt and actually was able to cool his engine and rejoin the race to a cheering grandstand.

Bill Chaboyea held his position out front to pick up his first win of the year. Chad Puschinsky, Weston Ramsrud, Josh Berg and Lahna Barrett took top-five honors.

Mod Fours

On lap one Conrad Schwinn powered down the back straight and into the lead. A good race developed between Jess Geesey and Mike Margl as Margl worked high and low to get by the second place car.

In turn four Margl raced low and came down the front straight ahead of Geesey. Following a caution Schwinn once again held his lead to pick up his fifth title of the summer and remain undefeated. Margl, Geesey, Craig Moore and Chris Brown followed.

Super Stocks

Ricky Jacobson was quickly on the gas powering high around to take the lead.

Following a caution for a spin in turn two, racing resumed with Jacobson again taking control. Jacobson eventually raced across the finish line, picking up his third feature win in the Super Stocks this summer.

Midwest Modifieds

Ricky Jacobson jumped out of his winning Super Stock and into his Midwest Modified for the final feature of the night.

Following a caution resulting from a spinning car, Jacobson and Bill Matzdorf held the top two spots. Jacobson held on and took the checkered flag for his second feature win of the night. Matzdorf, Doyle Erickson, Matt Schow and Davey Mills completed the top five.

Story was written by Dennis Peterson, Special to The Pioneer

Mini Stock Feature – Tim LaVoi, Danny Brown, Sue Berg, Jenny Watrud, Wayne Brown

Heat – T.LaVoi, W. Brown, J. Watrud, D. Brown, S. Berg

Bemidji Pure Stocks Feature – Bill Chaboyea, Chad Puschinsky, Weston Ramsrud, Josh Berg, Lahna Barrett, Joel Harvey, Mike MacAdams, Al Sadek Jr., Kevin Baumgarner, Rick Fuentess

Heat 1 – W. Ramsrud, K. Baumgarner, M. MacAdams, D. Olafson, J. Berg

Heat 2 – B. Chaboyea, A. Sadek Jr, C. Puschinsky, J. Harvey, R. Fuentess

Wissota Mod Four Feature – Conrad Schwinn, Mike Margl, Jess Geesey, Craig Moore, Chris Brown

Heat – C. Schwinn, J. Geesey, T. Stranger, C. Brown, M. Margl

Wissota Super Stock Feature – Ricky Jacobson, Gary Nelson Jr., Dalton Carlson, Troy Hemphill, Matt Sparby

Heat – D. Carlson, M. Sparby, B. Higginbotham, R. Jacobson, K. Keena

Wissota Midwest Modifieds Feature – Ricky Jacobson, Bill Matzdorf, Doyle Erickson, Matt Schow, Davey Mills, Matt Fullerton, Brandon Bahr, Gary James Nelson, Darrin Lawler, Nate Rice

Heat 1 – B. Matzdorf, J. Halverson, M. Schow, R. Bohlman, Justin Feltus

Heat 2 – D. Mills, D. Erickson, B. Bahr, R. Jacobson, R. Reed