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Fans, drivers enjoy Father's Day at Bemidji Speedway

BEMIDJI — Bemidji Speedway celebrated Father’s Day Sunday with all dads receiving discounted tickets and the racing was fantastic with the best car count of the year.

Track conditions continue to impress the drivers and fans providing an excellent racing surface. Three repeat winners and two new winners were crowned during Sunday’s action.

Next Sunday is the always popular “Kids and DARE Night” with all kids 12 years of age and under getting into the races free. During intermission the young fans will be allowed onto the track to meet all the drivers and collect autographs.

The racing will start at 5 p.m.

Mini Stocks

Wayne Brown made the best of his trip to Bemidji from New York Mills, taking the lead in the first lap and holding it the rest of the way.

Jenny Watrud and Sue Berg followed him across the finish line.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Matt Schow opened the race in the second row but a great start gave him the lead at the first turn.

After a caution and restart Doyle Erickson was in second and Ricky Jacobson took third. Schow won his first race of the summer while Erickson and Jacobson trailed. Bill Matzdorf finished fourth and Skyler Smith fifth.

Wissota Mod Fours

Chris Brown had the pole and Craig Moore was outside but with Conrad Schwinn built his speed on the first lap and flashed by both Brown and Moore to take the lead and cruised to an easy victory. The excitement in the race was behind Schwinn as Mike Margl charged up from his last-place start to pass Moore in turn two and then put on a good show battling with Tonja Stranger for the position. Schwinn took the feature with Margl, Stranger, Moore and Brown trailing.

Wissota Super Stocks

A few laps into the race Blake Higginbotham spun in turn two bringing out the caution flag and a restart. On the restart Ricky Jacobson got by Dalton Carlson and was in hot pursuit of leader Matt Sparby. Racing high and low Jacobson looked for an opening but each time Sparby held his line and the lead. As they raced each other Gary Nelson Jr. made several passes and joined the two leaders to make it a three-way battle for the lead.

The three-car battle royal for the lead continued through two cautions and Nelson Jr. was awarded first place following the second caution.

Nelson Jr. picked up his second feature of the season. Jacobson was second with Carlson, Sparby, and Keith Keena in the top five.

Bemidji Pure Stocks

A dozen Bemidji Pure Stocks came out for the finale of the Father’s Day races led by Chad Puschinsky and Weston Ramsrud. Puschinsky took the lead at the green flag with Ramsrud, Bill Chaboyea, Al Sadek Jr. and Joel Harvey in the top five. Chaboyea and Ramsrud traded spots a few times before Ramsrud wrestled the spot for himself. Puschinsky looked unbeatable out in front and raced his car to the checkered flag, his second feature win of the summer. Ramsrud, Chaboyea, Sadek Jr., and Kevin Baumgarner took the top five spots.

This article was written by Dennis Peterson, special to the Pioneer

Mini Stock Feature – Wayne Brown, Jenny Watrud, Sue Berg

Heat – J. Watrud, S. Berg, W. Brown

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature- Matt Schow, Doyle Erickson, Ricky Jacobson, Bill Matzdorf, Skyler Smith, Gary James Nelson, Brandon Bahr, Matt Fullerton, Alex Johnson, Trent Dyrdahl

Heat 1 – D. Erickson, M. Schow, B. Bahr, R. Reed, A. Johnson

Heat 2 – S. Smith, R. Jacobson, B. Matzdorf, M. Fullerton, T. Dyrdahl

Wissota Mod Four Feature – Conrad Schwinn, Mike Margl, Tonja Stranger, Craig Moore, Chris Brown

Heat – C. Schwinn, M. Margl, T. Stranger, C. Moore, C. Brown

Wissota Super Stock Feature – Gary Nelson Jr., Ricky Jacobson, Dalton Carlson, Matt Sparby, Keith Keena, Troy Hemphill, Blake Higginbotham

Heat – M. Sparby, G. Nelson Jr., R. Jacobson, B. Higginbotham, K. Keena

Bemidji Pure Stock Feature – Chad Puschinsky, Weston Ramsrud, Bill Chaboyea, Al Sadek Jr., Kevin Baumgarner, Dean Olafson, Joel Harvey, Jessie Lutgen, Sterliing Knaeble, Norm Berg

Heat 1 – K. Baumgarner, B. Chaboyea, J. Harvey, W. Ramsrud, J. Lutgen

Heat 2 – C. Puschinsky, A. Sadek Jr., D. Olafson, S. Knaeble, M. MacAdams