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Shooting group offers life memberships

BEMIDJI -- The Bemidji Area Shooters Association, a local non-profit organization, is offering Charter Life Memberships (CLMs) in an effort to promote shooting sports and firearms safety in the community. CLMs will provide the organization with the necessary capital to secure funding for the construction of the shooting range at the Beltrami County Shooting Sports Park. CLMs also provide a substantial savings over purchasing annual memberships.

Charter Life Memberships will only be available for one year. The cost is $500 payable in quarterly installments, $200 annually for three years, or $150 per year for five years. If the membership is paid in total, a $50 discount will be applied. Immediate family members of the Charter Life Member are entitled to purchase CLMs for $250 during the first year.

Annual memberships will be $50 per individual or $75 for a family membership which includes a spouse and children between the ages of 12 and 21. Children under 12 will shoot free.

The planned Beltrami County Shooting Sports Park is located 3½ miles north of U.S. Highway 2 on Highway 89 in Eckles Township. The range will be a joint venture between the Bemidji Trap & Skeet Club and Bemidji Area Shooters Association on a 160-acre Beltrami County-owned parcel set aside for shooting sports and leased to the Headwater Shooting Sports Association. The area will include range facilities for all types of shooting to serve the region's estimated 25,700 hunters and shooters. Walking trails, ATV use, horseback riding and camping will be accommodated on adjacent parcels.

The Bemidji Area Shooters Association has existed in its present iteration since 2009 and is currently focused on the development and operation of the handgun and long gun ranges at the planned Beltrami County Shooting Sports Park. Once range facilities are in place, the BASA will move to include promoting shooting sports through recruitment activities and various events, especially firearms safety training.