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DNR seeks public comments on fishing tournaments

ST. PAUL - Citizens interested in commenting on permanent state rules designed to provide fishing tournament organizers with a clear set of guidelines can view the proposed rules on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website.

Tournament policies have developed piecemeal over time. The DNR has been working with tournament organizers and recent law changes to develop a clear set of rules governing fishing tournaments. These rules will provide clear guidance to tournament organizers.

The new rules would:

* Detail conditions for issuing contest permits.

* List the criteria used to establish permit conditions.

* Restrict contests using live-release formats when targeting sturgeon, muskies, trout and salmon.

* Limit live-release contests targeting walleye during summer.

* Limit contests using off-site weigh-in formats.

* Grant permit holders the authority to possess, transport and distribute contest fish to nonprofit or charitable organizations, streamlining the gifting process for contest organizers.

Comments must be submitted by Friday, Aug. 24, to Linda Erickson-Eastwood, DNR Fisheries, 500 Lafayette Road, Box 20, St. Paul, MN 55155-4020. Comments also may be emailed to linda.erickson-eastwood@