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DNR hires Welsh to manage habitat program

Bob Welsh, an assistant regional wildlife manager for the past six years, has been selected to manage the state's wildlife habitat program and will oversee the DNR's recently realigned forest, wetland and prairie-farmland habitat programs.

Welsh is a former DNR research biologist, wildlife depredation specialist and north metro area supervisor. He will oversee three DNR habitat teams that, among other responsibilities, will help the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council implement Legacy Amendment habitat projects. The DNR created these teams to improve the agency's capacity and ability to work with partners who share common habitat goals.

"Habitat management is the heart and soul of wildlife management," said Dennis Simon, DNR wildlife section chief. "We have realigned staff to put additional emphasis on the needs of ducks, pheasants and other game species."

Simon said a big part of Welsh's job will be identifying habitat improvement opportunities and turning them into realities that benefit hunters and others.