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Trail Mix: Spring: Nature's amazing style show

We've had beautiful weather for walking lately, and today was no exception, as the green keeps filling in and standing out more and more against an awesome blue sky.

Vibrant blues and greens are pretty much my favorite color combination, especially involving water, and I love both blue-green and green-blue and assorted similar hues. Last year, I wrote a vague Christmas list that went something like this: "I collect giraffes. Socks. Always socks. I like green, blue, green-blue and blue-green."

So as these colors take over the season more and more, I keep finding these breathtaking, indescribable moments of passion for my surroundings -- not unlike the thrill of biting into a delicious fudgy brownie or sinking into a nice warm bath. It's just so beautiful outside, everywhere I look. It's amazing. I wish I could feel like this all year round.

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