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Trail Mix: And we're back to cold ...

Bethany left a post on my Facebook page Sunday asking me if I was going to be back in town in time to walk today (Monday). She added, "Hey, it might be above freezing, too!"

Nice, I thought. I didn't even bother to check the forecast. I bundled up reasonably well before her arrival, but when I popped outside to see if she was there yet, my forehead froze on the spot. So I popped back *inside* and changed to my big furry hat.

It was actually around zero, but a really cold zero, especially when we were walking north. It was nice that Bethany had to stop at the Fire Hall and the Law Enforcement Center for reports, because it gave us a chance to warm up a bit. But the walk from there to 15th Street was brutal. Fortunately, it got better as soon as we turned to go back along Beltrami Avenue, although talk soon turned to long underwear and winter face masks and our lack of both today.

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