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Emergency rule makes Hubbard County's Lester Lake catch-and-release only

Anglers must immediately release all fish caught in Hubbard County's Lester Lake, according to an emergency rule adopted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Ownership of the once-private land surrounding the lake recently was transferred to the DNR to create an Aquatic Management Area (AMA) and Scenic and Natural Area (SNA). The emergency rule was implemented to protect populations of bluegill, northern pike and largemouth bass that inhabit the small 55-acre lake.

DNR fish population surveys in 2010 determined that Lester Lake does contain quality populations of fish. But the lake's small size, limited exposure to fishing pressure and low productivity make its fish populations particularly vulnerable.

The emergency rule protects fish populations while allowing DNR to develop a management plan to suit Lester Lake.