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Trail Mix: Walking in the rain

Found on a brighter, sunnier day, these somewhat hidden stairs were found along Mississippi Avenue, just east of Fifth Street. Pioneer Photo/Bethany Wesley

Rain or shine, snow or sleet.

OK, so that's actually supposed to apply to the mailmen and women, but it's relevant here as well.

We've never actually passed on a walk because of the weather. Other excuses, such as work constraints, may seem more valid when it's 20 below zero out there, but I've never called Laurie and said, "It's just too cold today." And that goes for rain, too.

Our most memorable rain walk was on June 23 last year. The rain came at us sideways, thanks to the wind. But it came with a lot of force, too.

"It's as if someone is taking handfuls of pebbles and chucking them at us," I blogged later that day.

But last summer, we were fortunate. We spent just a handful of afternoons walking in the rain; it just seemed that whenever noon came, the rain that day took a break.

That has not been the case this spring/summer. We've gotten wet several times, the most memorable of which was Thursday.

We sometimes get a bit bored of our normal routes, so we decided to walk from Laurie's home to Beyond Juice, where she was treating me to lunch. While the walk there was fairly uneventful, the walk back was not.

It started raining around 19th Street and it turned into a steady rain by 14th Street. But the time we reached 11th Street, it was downright pouring.

We kept waiting, kind of expecting it to get a little painful. But it never did. They were just big, fat raindrops that were coming very quickly. We laughed about it. And then quickened our pace. (Come to think of it, if it rained like that every day, we'd probably be able to call these walks workouts...)

My husband, who was working at the airport and getting the weather about 10-15 minutes before we did, kept sending us text updates on what to expect: It started with "Hope ur inside" (it's raining) and then became "Tornado watch - run!" before ending with "Hail!"

Happily, by the time we got the hail message, we were at Laurie's, safe and sound. But drenched. The nice thing about starting at ending at her place is that she can always help me out. Thanks to her I had a dry pair of shoots to get back to work in and a nice towel to cover my car seat with.

If only she had an umbrella. (Or maybe, more accurately, if only we'd thought ahead and took the umbrella...)

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