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Vigen, Zastrow win Gary Newell Memorial walleye tournament

Tim Vigen and Jonny Zastrow won the fourth annual Bemidji Eagles/Gary Newell Memorial walleye tournament Saturday on Lake Bemidji.

The winners had a total catch of 10.94 pounds. Their biggest fish weighed 3.62 pounds.

Rick and Rory Whittington placed second at 9.4 pounds on a cold and windy day that made for difficult fishing conditions. The Whittingtons' biggest fish weighed 5.05 pounds.

Carl Knutson and Brad Zyllo caught only one fish, but it was the largest of the day at 6.06 pounds. They finished sixth.

Here are the top 15 teams with their total weight:

1. Tim Vigen-Jonny Zastrow 10.94

2. Rick-Rory Whittington 9.40

3. Dan Posner-Joel Edlund 6.56

4. Jack Greengo-Ken Newman 6.45

5. Mike McKee-Justin McKee 6.33

6. Carl Knutson-Brad Zyllo 6.06

7. "Bucky" Leeper-Chad Benson 5.59

8. Ron Bostic-Travis Griffin 4.83

9. Mike Geller-Chuck Geller 4.59

10. Al Kendall-Kent Schover 4.42

12. Patrick Boes-Richard Boes 3.57

13. Toby Kvalevog-Bill Anderson 3.41

14. Brad Davis-Dave Tisdell 3.34

15. Mike Holter-Mitch Holter 3.25