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Letter: There are plenty of places to explore in our region

I avidly read the travel article, "Wisconsin road trips are cheesy," as it was a travel destination that would be delicious, would fit into my budget and would provide a travel experience without a huge carbon footprint. In the past several weeks, I have been dismayed by all the travel articles about exotic, far-away destinations, such as Aruba, Riga (Latvia), and Amsterdam. I would love to travel to these places, and to many more spots in the world, as I am sure many other people would also be keen on doing.

Unfortunately, economic times are tight and I am volunteering my time to the country for the next eight months, so there are not abundant funds to make a trip around the world for vacation. Fortunately, though, there are so many places to explore right in our own backyards, like the Wisconsin cheese trail.

In addition to taking closer-to-home vacations because of money, it also seems wise to travel to closer destinations in order to reduce the distances we are driving our gas-driven vehicles, or flying in high carbon emission planes. I hope the Pioneer continues to feature more local travel destinations in the future that more people may be able to enjoy on a smaller-scale, yet just as exciting, vacation!

Besides, it is good for us to get to know where we are from and acquire a sense of place that helps us feel connected to our homes. I believe my next vacation may just be a cycling tour of Lake Superior!

Vanessa Walthall