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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to learn how to respect others’ opinions

Being a politically labeled teenager in America comes with its struggles. When I state my opinions in a school setting, it doesn’t end well. We need to learn how to respect others’ opinions and discuss issues respectfully, which is the opposite of what I see in school, and in the world.

When meeting someone you like from the get go, it’s amazing. You don’t know every aspect about them, but you enjoy their company. Would this change upon learning their political views? I am submitting this letter to the public because it shouldn't matter what side of the spectrum this person is on, they are still an enjoyable human being who deserves the same amount of respect as any other person.

My friend Zach and I have political discussions often. We have discussed the issue of allowing transgenders in the military. Phrases such as “I see your point, but...” are evident. This helps both of us state our opinions without getting heated and we actually hear each other out. This works because we both remember that we are humans, and our opinions mean something. As a whole, we all need to remember this, and be professional with each other.

These titles and labels shouldn’t matter with how we deal with each other and how we form our relationships. We should be able to have positions on ideas and expect to have formal conversations with our colleagues without violence.

Hannah Kahlstorf