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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Minnesota Nice’ was evident during our visit

Sitting over breakfast today (Sept. 8), we were quite surprised to read in the Pioneer that the city manager could not agree that the slogan "Minnesota Nice" applied to the folks in Bemidji.

While visiting from Cincinnati, Ohio, for two days in your town we have been overwhelmed with friendliness, courtesy and good cheer. We so much enjoyed our stay at the lovely Lake Bemidji Bed and Breakfast, fished with the knowledgeable and affable guide Dick Beardsley, shopped in your charming tax-free shops along Third Street, chatted with helpful and outgoing servers at both the Lucky Dogs and nearby ice cream parlor, and shared countless casual greetings with passers-by on our walks.

Perhaps the city manager should leave the inevitable administrative frustrations of his job in the office and get out to become better acquainted with the so very gracious Bemidji populace he serves.

Bill and Kathy Schnier

Cincinnati, Ohio