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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Special tax not the way to help fund Sanford Center

I am very disappointed in the current management of the Sanford Center and our City Council's response to their inefficiency.

We have been told we must buy our tickets through Ticketmaster (for an extra fee) or at the office at the event itself, also for an extra fee. To protect expenditures they cannot afford a part-time employees for three or four days a week to sell tickets and the manager could be present to support and help. We already pay for the center through our taxes, and now our council is proposing a special tax for our visitors to pay. Since statistically it has been proven that "city residents do not spend any money within the city." Really? I do not believe this is correct. In fact, visitors will pay for the tax for a week and we will be paying it 365 days a year and that's the honest truth. I am beginning to believe that we should donate the center to BSU and it would be off of our tax rolls.