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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here's some advice for Democrats

With the new year about to start, one must admit to some surprise concerning the Democratic National Committee. You would think that they would be looking for new faces, new ideas and new approaches in politics. (Let's face it. Some fine DFL leaders took a shellacking this time around because of their national party's status quo stance.)

Yes, those political bosses, (the DNC) ran a failed candidate and have now followed with the re-election of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California) to head up the Democratic minority in the House and elected Sen. Chuck Schumer (New York) to lead the minority in the Senate. Once again, the east coast and the west coast remains dominant while fly-over country is ignored. Sure, Keith Ellison may become the chair of the DNC, but that's highly doubtful.

You would think that the DNC would look at the numbers across America. Republicans will soon control the office of the president, the House and the Senate, and they have 27 state senates, 31 state houses and outnumber Democrat state legislators by about 4,000 to 3,000.

The Democrats should listen to Michael Moore, who said that the Democrats need to throw out the pollsters and stop listening to the media. Maybe they should also listen to the voters.