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Does 'vote buying' work for both parties?

Joel Ward in his Aug. 12 letter to the editor questioned Stewart Mills' ability to relate to common working people because of his wealth. He accused him of raising money to "buy your vote." If being wealthy is a disqualifier for holding public office, how does Mr. Ward explain officeholders like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi or Gov. Mark Dayton and countless other Democrats of means? Are President Obama's frequent trips to the East and West coasts for fundraisers with the rich and famous "vote buying?"

I don't know Stewart Mills beyond seeing his ads on TV, but I'm guessing the presence of Mills Fleet Farm stores are considered a plus to the communities they are in and benefit hundreds of others by providing jobs.

Mr. Ward's obvious political ploy appealing to class envy is a really tiresome argument. Let's judge candidates by their qualifications and ability to do the job, not by the change in their pocket.

Barb Ballan